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Alien Anal Probe

Space Invading Anal Probes In A Penis

Duration: 5m, 53s, Starring

(Not Rated)

Extraterrestrial anal space probes are around us. They infiltrate our anal cavities through special probes in a man's penis and measurements are taken. All of the information is sent to the mothership. There is no need for alarm, there is no need for panic, just lay back, lube up your anus and prepare for the examination. It will begin slowly, but then the probe will keep inserting itself with more frequency and urgency. When the probe is ready to launch you will feel a tremble, followed by what appears to be spasms and then the murky white residue that transported the probe will be ejected from your rectum.

Classic Gay Porn Sexual Tryst

Duration: 7m, 28s, Starring Jerry Jizzum, Ortved

(Not Rated)

Ortved and Jerry Jizzum are two guys that are very rare in classic porn - they are both gay pornstars. Being in gay porn was pretty unheard of back then, and it required them to be rather brave in order to do this. Of course years later it's much more acceptable, but the whole taboo feeling that classic gay porn brings really takes it up to a whole new level. The action is that much more intense, and you end up wanting to see more and more of the action slowly unveiling as these two get close to having a sexual encounter.

Hot Anal In Gay Interracial Foursome

Duration: 16m, 4s, Starring Eillie, Jerry Jizzum, Mandrake, Ortved

(Not Rated)

Black and white cum together in this big cock gay foursome. At first we see two couples, one Caucasian and one interracial, getting it on with each other on separate couches. Soon the living room is a tangle of arms, legs and big cocks as they writhe together in a fit of group sex ecstasy. Whether it's one guy sucking on a fat cock, or getting fucked in the ass, all of these fellas are extremely good-looking and the action is scintillating. The black guy officially has got an incredible body, toned and muscular, with fantastic abdominals - this is the type of cock that you really want to suck! All four guys blow a fat juicy load.

Classic Gay Porn Featuring Ortved

Duration: 6m, 5s, Starring Ortved

(Not Rated)

There's one thing that's always interesting about classic gay porn, and that's the fact that it's pretty damn fascinating. There are so many different scenarios that you'd never expect to see in gay porn, and a big reason of this is the fact that the guys had to keep things really under wraps. These guys can't afford to let anyone know, and that leads them to at least being as completely uninhibited as possible. After all, it's not like doing something freaky is any worse than them doing porn at all, so you end up with stuff like this one featuring Ortved.

Black Guy Ass Fucked By Purple Alien

Duration: 12m, 11s, Starring Ortved, Zakdorn

(Not Rated)

A good-looking black dude gets visited in his bedroom by a purple alien in this bizarre gay anal clip. He is shocked to see the perfect body on this extremely strange visitor, but there's no mistaking the erection the black man gets! Although the alien has an ugly face, his chest covered with nipples, it's his erect prick that the black guy is mainly interested in. He ends up being folded over almost in two as the muscular alien holds him down and fucks him up the butt. The alien seems tireless, rhythmically stroking the black man's ass and driving him to an orgasm through prostate stimulation alone. Now that's a good hot fuck!

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