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Guy Seduces His Buddy With Sloppy Oral

Duration: 17m, 54s, Starring Joey Stevens, Paul Morgan, Tom Katt

(Not Rated)

Sometimes you just can't keep a horny homosexual away from the cock! At the beginning of this hot man on man scene, one guy is lying languidly on the couch, looking petulant. His extremely well-dressed buddy is sitting on the other couch, his legs crossed in an extremely camp manner. He wants to suck some dick but his buddy is playing hard to get! Never one to be turned away that easily, the seated man joins his reclining buddy on the sofa, pulling his cock out of his pants and beginning to suck it, regardless of the protests of his fuck buddy. What the hell - if a piece of ass gets offered up on a plate, you may as well take it!

Dude Gets Butt Slammed In Filthy Alley

Duration: 19m, 26s, Starring Chris Dano, Ty Davenport

(1 Vote)

What this stylised gay clip might lack in plot, it makes up for with anal intensity. One guy is sitting on a stool in a filthy alley, completely naked with his submissive buddy. For some reason, the guys still have their shoes on! The muscular, dominant stud sitting in the chair enjoys a deepthroat blow job from his submissive pal, who then lowers himself down anally on to the dominant man's bulbous prick. It is an extremely tight ass and it's all the muscular man can do to avoid blowing his load in his buddy's butt right at the start. However, he holds on valiantly, giving his fuck buddy a rough and painful butt slamming.

Bulky Muscleman Loves Getting Head

Duration: 16m, 52s, Starring Chaz Carlton, Daniel Costings, Paul Morgan

(Not Rated)

Paul Morgan is one of those guys that is a bulky muscleman that loves to get his dick sucked by anyone that comes by. Things start off with him getting head in the car, his dick getting slurped on by Daniel Costings. You can see his big muscles flexing with every stroke, and when he gets ready to cum you can hear him across the entire parking lot. And after that he moves on to fucking Chaz Carlton, and he fills that sweet ass up with his rock hard cock. I don't know how he's ready to go so fast, but he is ready and raring to go.

Hairy Muscular Hunks Fucking Nasty

Duration: 14m, 55s, Starring Alexander Chevron, Tom Katt

(Not Rated)

Tom Katt and Alexander Chevron are in the mood for a hard, nasty fuck, and their dirty surroundings certainly adds to the pure and nasty fuck. They are both very sexy and bulky guys - real manly men that have hair on their chests (and a few other places as well) along with gigantic cocks that are going to make you want to take them into your own mouth. They start out slow, which caught me off guard since I thought they were totally the type of guys to just ram it right away, but they get to that point soon enough.

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