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An Unauthorized Boot Camp Woody!

Three Coeds Jerk Off Together

Duration: 26m, 49s, Starring Aussie, Duke, Joe

(Not Rated)

Joe, Duke And Aussie were all friends from college who went to a summer wrestling camp. After a long day of rolling around on the mats the guys went back to their room and were all worked up. Joe was first to get naked and start jacking off. Seeing him stroke his tool really turned on the other two so they followed suit and got to work on their dicks. All three guys laid on the bed fully nude, stroking their rods and looking at each other. They were so turned on they came quickly then hit the showers to clean the jizz off their sweaty bodies.

Hunky Ryan Strokes His Hung Military Cock

Duration: 15m, 5s, Starring Ryan

(Not Rated)

Ryan was allowed to go back to the barracks alone to get some stuff from his locker for training. He decided to take the time to jack off. It had been over three weeks since he had cum and it was driving him nuts so he stripped down and started stroking himself right there next to his bunk. He was so horny his cock was hard in seconds as he went to work on it. He looked around to make sure nobody was looking as he stroked faster and faster then shot his load like it was a scud missile. Once he came he quickly dressed, grabbed his gear and returned to training.

Three Recruits Race To Get Off First

Duration: 15m, 10s, Starring Cain, Ralph

(Not Rated)

Cain and Ralph were in their first few days of boot camp when their drill instructor called them and another guy into the bunk hall. He told them to strip nude so they did then he told them to sit on their bunks and jack off. The first one to cum gets the day off. The guys were tired from running and wanted that break so they went at their dicks with a vengeance. They stroked and rubbed and jerked those cocks as fast as they can. All three used their best techniques and in the end it was almost a photo finish as Cain and Ralph came within seconds of each other.

Boot Camp Turns Into A Group Jerk Off

Duration: 14m, 57s, Starring Rick

(Not Rated)

Rick was in boot camp and one night after all but a few guys were in bed one of the guys broke out a penis pump and wanted Rick to try it. He gave it a shot and it actually seemed to work. It made his cock longer and more sensitive. It felt so good he had to stroke it. He jacked his dick then stood next to his bunk mate and watched him as he stroked off too. The guys worked their cocks like there was no tomorrow, trying not to wake anyone with their moaning then suddenly both guys shot their hot loads. Once they had came they crawled in bed and were fast on bed.

Two Friends Explore Their Hard Dicks

Duration: 19m, 9s, Starring Chris, Joe

(Not Rated)

Joe And Chris had known each other for a while when they decided to go on vacation together. They were hanging out on the bed watching some TV when Joe pulled his shirt then his pants off. He started rubbing his cock then took his underwear off and stroked it. Chris followed suit and the two guys got fully nude and jacked off. It was like a race as they stroked their cocks to see who could cum the fastest. They worked those shafts then stood up and at the same time hit the finish line and fired their jizz all over the place then they laid back down to relax and watch some more TV.

Three Buddies Jerk Off At Camp

Duration: 25m, 17s, Starring Aussie, Kai, Seals

(1 Vote)

Aussie, Seals and Kai were all staying at a resort while on a vacation. The were laying on the bed watching some porn when things got a little hot so they all stripped down and got nude. They weren't shy about pulling their dicks out and stroking them in front of each other. As they got harder and harder they started reaching over and stroking each others cocks. Feeling each others dicks in their hands turned them all on so much they knew they were going to cum. None of them held back, they just let the other guy stroke them and came all over the place then all three jumped in the shower for more wet fun.

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