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Study Session Is Cover For An Ass Fuck

Duration: 22m, 18s, Starring Chaz Kramer, Jake Lyons

(10 Votes)

Knowing full well that Chaz is the biggest cocksucker in school, Jake invites him over to study. Chaz doesn't even turn up with any textbooks - he knows what the score is! The guys sit right next to each other, their bodies pressed together, and then Chaz aggressively makes his move, peeling Jakes T-shirt off and kissing him on the mouth. The two men hurriedly shed their clothes, with Chaz licking his lips in delight when Jake's blazingly erect prick springs out! After Chaz has had his fill of cocksucking, he bends over on the sofa with his pert ass stuck out, pleading with his friend to give him the butt slamming that he needs.

Nervous Young Gays Have Their First Fuck

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Atlanta Grey, Lt Mkay

(Not Rated)

Young love - so innocent and so passionate! Virtually virginal twinks LT and Atlanta take a romantic walk at sunset on the beach. You could cut the sexual tension between these two with a knife, but they are both too shy to make the first move! Back at the crib they sit nervously next to each other on the sofa, flinching every time their elbows brush together. Finally LT can stand it no longer, planting a wet, sloppy kiss right on Atlanta's mouth. The guys grin as they run hand-in-hand to the bedroom, stripping off the rest of the way and sucking each others' dicks. Atlanta squeals as he takes his friend's big cock right up his ass!

Guys Leave A Sticky Mess In Back Of Car

Duration: 14m, 39s, Starring Cody Parker, Holden Rush

(Not Rated)

With those bright, fluorescent underpants, you'd never expect that Cody and Holden were flaming homosexuals! The two guys are washing an SUV when they playfully start to spray each other with the hose. Cody hitches himself up on top of the hood of the vehicle, with Holden hurriedly pulling down the other man's underpants and starting to suck. Leaving the vehicle half cleaned, the guys retire into the shade of the back, getting completely naked and enjoying some hardcore anal penetration. The two dudes lie side by side once their asses get sore, stroking each other off the rest of the way and leaving a sticky mess in the back of the car!

Veteran Gay Shows His Friend How To Fuck

Duration: 29m, 36s, Starring Dimitry Rasputin

(3 Votes)

In this steamy male on male fuck movie, a good-looking twink shows his less experienced buddy how to get fucked in the ass. The two men strip down to their tight white underpants, revealing the fact that they have got nice thick dicks with shaved pubes underneath. There is some extremely hot 69 action to be enjoyed, with the guys rolling around on the carpet and thrusting their dicks in each others' throats. The more experienced male takes it first, lowering his sphincter down onto his friend's hard cock and showing how much he enjoys it as he grinds his dick on the meat. Then it's his turn to take his friend; he eases in his rigid member.

Young Anal Virgin Takes His First Cock

Duration: 19m, 19s, Starring Caden Skie, Kyle Baglie

(3 Votes)

Experienced ass fucker Kyle has got himself a new mark - an anal virgin called Caden who lives down the hall. One day Kyle invites Caden over to his home, and the other stud nervously complies; even though he is a horny gay, he is inexperienced in anal sex and he wants to learn! After some initial fumbling, Caden proves that he is an adequate cocksucker, showing some beginners talent in the art of licking a dick. However, he squeals delightfully as Kyle opens up his virgin ring piece, starting off slow in a considerate fashion but then tiring of showing mercy to the anal virgin and starting to plug him hard, fast and deep.

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