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Gay Sports Guys in Hot Threesome

Duration: 23m, 49s, Starring Ariel, Bryan, Kenzo

(3 Votes)

Have you ever wanted to see sexy soccer guys fucking each other? There's nothing quite like seeing a trio of athlethic, sweaty guys so worked up over the match that they need to fuck each other. Ariel, Bryan, and Kenzo start going at it nice and slow, but you know these guys are so hopped up on adrenaline that they are going to go ahead and fuck each other every which way. They keep on going faster and faster until all of them end up sticky and messy with cum. Now that's the type of gay sports porn I want to see.

Sexy Athletic Guys Sucking in the Sun

Duration: 20m, 44s, Starring Diesel, Mendes

(Not Rated)

Diesel and Mendes are the type of guys that you would expect to see on a sports field, not seeing them in the backwoods with their tongues down each other's throats. That's exactly what happens, though, and the more they kiss the bigger their dicks get. I love watching the way they press up against their chests, their nipples rubbing against each other and really loving each other. They kiss and lick up and down each other's bodies, and once they are done they end up going all the way. Woohoo! They get all messy and hot in sex.

Sweet Sports Twinks Fucking Outside

Duration: 18m, 52s, Starring Apollo Max, Wagner

(Not Rated)

Apollo Max and Wagner are sweaty and dirty from the game - probably soccer - and they want to take some time to themselves. They don't really mind being smelly at all, though - they just want to fuck the hell out of each other. I love watching the way they start kissing each other, exploring each other's bodies and really loving the way their hard muscles felt under their hands. They move on to their hard dicks, and I don't know if they are newly gay or not but they are certainly passionate about dick.

Sports Guys Fucking in the Backwoods

Duration: 20m, 53s, Starring Kelvin, Leandro

(1 Vote)

Leandro and Kelvin are newly come from a sports match - they never really mention what sport, and I can't say that I end up caring in the long run. I just want to see these lean and sexy guys fucking. They start off with some nipple licking, something that I don't see nearly enough in gay porn. Soon enough they are cock to cock, rubbing their heads against each other. They are in the middle of nowhere, and they end up stripping out of everything but their socks to do the nasty with each other.

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