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Argentine Studs Slam Each Other's Asses

Duration: 20m, 8s, Starring Javiar Martin, Jose Pene

(Not Rated)

Yeah, the artwork at the park that they got to see was fun, but you know what was more fun for them? Going home and feasting on each other's dicks. These two guys cuddled up in bed and kissed while pulling at each other's clothes, not stopping until their cocks popped out of their pants. They were so horny from the anticipation that their cocks were rock hard already, as they 69'ed before one of them bent over to be filled up. He held on to the bed tightly as his partner rammed him hard, grabbing him tightly while pounding him with every inch. After a good fucking, they laid next to each other and jerked off on one another.

Flowers The Key To An Ass Fucking

Duration: 13m, 14s, Starring Diego Vicente, Juan Romero

(1 Vote)

His boyfriend brought flowers over to his man, which really got him quite excited. So excited, in fact, that after he put them in a vase, he put his lips around his cock. They both stripped their clothes off and wrapped their lips around each other's dicks while in the bathroom, and then he bent over for his generous boyfriend's massive swollen prick. He took every last inch of it until his balls were slapping against his own, bending over on the sink countertop, and pushing back on it to get him to fuck him hard. As his moans got louder, he squeezed down on his partner's cock, milking it until his jizz erupted from his schlong.

Professor Hooks Up With Two Twinks

Duration: 19m, 2s, Starring Carlos Morales, Felipe Pietro, Nicholas Garrido

(1 Vote)

These two guys didn't study for a test they were supposed to take that day, but they got the idea of fucking the gay teacher to get away with it. He was very much open to it, with two young studs standing over him, offering up their dicks to him. He strips them down and sucks them off one by one, while stroking his own swollen member. He has such a lust for young dick that he lets one in his ass while the other one fucks his mouth. They tag teamed him back and forth, pounding him deep while his moans were muffled by cock. They covered his body in their jizz loads while he stroked himself, and definitely earned the good grades he gave them.

Two Hot Guys Fuck After Shopping

Duration: 20m, 34s, Starring Sasha Borov, Ximen Sanchez

(2 Votes)

Showing that they could have a good time together, these two guys have fun during the day shopping around in stores. But when they get back home, they show that they can have even more fun when they're fucking passionately. They strip each other down naked while kissing each other, and then move down to one another's hard cocks. After their dicks are sucked stiff, one of them bends over so the other can slide his humongous pecker inside his butt. You won't believe how much cock he can put inside his friend, and after he squeezes it while he gets fucked, he pulls out and shoots his jizz all over his body, covering him in his sticky sperm.

Latin Guy Showers And Jerks Himself Off

Duration: 16m, 30s, Starring Felipe Pietro

(Not Rated)

This sexy Argentinian boy has got an extremely large cock, despite his tender years. He's got a strapping but slender and athletic body, and he strips off nude in front of the bathroom mirror. He spends some time inspecting himself in the mirror, posing side on and looking at the length of his cock. He jumps in the shower, letting the hot water run over his glorious body and soaping himself up all over. He pays special attention to his heavy cock and balls. Once he is clean, he sits down next to the mirror again, stroking his prick until it's rock hard. It is even larger than before! He proceeds to jerk himself off.

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