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Hairy Studs Suck On Older Man's Cock

Duration: 44m, 26s, Starring Bobby Childs, Cabby Greenhouse, Mike Nutfact

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This old bald daddy has got himself a couple of younger, chubby and hairy studs who loves to suck his dick! The daddy puts a studded choker around his cock and balls, making his genitals swell to an extremely impressive size. The two hairy studs, who are both balding in their own right, get nasty with the dick in filthy oral style. Their combined mouths slurp up and down their daddy's prick, polishing it from the tip to the base with their sloppy saliva. They also pleasure each other during the double cocksucking action, fingering each others' asses and licking each others' ball sacks before they are graced with their daddy's cumload.

Maintenance Man Receives A Surprise Blow

Duration: 42m, 30s, Starring Bobby Handy, Chaddy Clap, Josh Handfill

(Not Rated)

These two enormous fat bear studs are having a bit of a kiss and a cuddle on the sofa when the maintenance man pays an unexpected visit. Not thinking any one was home, the janitor just walks straight into the living room, catching them in the middle of a passionate French kiss. At first the maintenance guy is speechless - but then the two bears beckon to him and he strips off his pants, rubbing his now extremely erect cock all over their goateed faces. The fatties strip off, both giving the maintenance man a blow job and receiving some hot oral suck action in return. It turns out to be a fortunate mistake for this maintenance guy!

Young Twink Takes His First Little Ass

Duration: 46m, 33s, Starring Ben Culic, Hennry Bigal

(Not Rated)

In this fixed angle, amateur style video, dirty old maned, balding stud Hennry seduces young blond twink Ben. You can tell that Ben is nervous as hell as Hennry unbuttons his shirt and pushes him back onto the bed, crouching in between the younger man's thighs and sucking his dick. Ben might be nervous, but his cock is rock hard and ready to go, with Hennry's expert mature blow job almost making him spurt right then and there. Finally Hennry gets what he wants - a deep ass fucking from the nervous young twink! Balding Hennry lies on the bed with his legs spread whilst Ben slowly eases himself in to Hennry's ass - his first time fucking a man!

Young Stud Broken In By Two Older Men

Duration: 13m, 37s, Starring Chris Dill, Peter Feely, Peter Gail

(Not Rated)

Young stud Peter is watching the game with his two older friends Chris and Peter when the more mature studs make a move on him. At first he shies away from their advances, embarrassed as they reach out and start to grope his cock and balls. However, it's obvious that these guys aren't going to take no for an answer, so Peter resigns himself to pulling down his pants and letting them have his way with him. Soon one of the studs has got his cock in Peter's mouth whilst the other dude starts licking the younger man's ass - this young fellow is about to get broken in! These guys are going to ride him so hard he won't walk straight for a week!

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