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Ass on Fire 2

Bald Biker Bareback Banged In His Butt

Duration: 30m, 10s, Starring

(1 Vote)

As all experienced gays know, it's often the hardest, most masculine looking dudes who turn out to be the most submissive when it comes to sex! These two bikers, one a beefy goatee wearing stud and the other a skinny and extremely vicious looking bald dude, have some hot oral and anal sex. At first you'd think it would be the porky guy with the goatee who would want to get it in the rear end - but instead it's his bald friend. The baldie looks like he would kill you on the street, but here he is begging to get fucked and creamed in his ass, bareback style! However, he doesn't get the ass full of cum that he wants - instead he swallows it!

Young Stud Mounted By Two Horny Bikers

Duration: 33m, 50s, Starring Bobby Handy, Pluc Givoft, Seth Renagade

(Not Rated)

Young goatee wearing stud Bobby wants to get into this biker club - but this is a motorcycle gang with a difference! Rather than having to go and commit a crime or beat someone up to get his patch, he has to get fucked in the ass by two of the senior members and then swallow their loads! He is led into the secret back room of the club house, with the walls plastered with hardcore gay pornography. Bobby gets down on his knees, fellating the two older, beefier men, who then bend him over and take turns screwing him in the ass. They are both extremely well hung, and they don't hold back as they pound the shit - literally - out of his butt!

Redhead Fatty Picked Up For A Three-Way

Duration: 34m, 29s, Starring Chris Dill, James Black

(1 Vote)

Now this is the kind of realistic amateur anal sex that we want to see! A fairly average domestic couple picks up an overweight redhead dude at the club, taking him back home for some after-hours three-way sex. At first the redhead dude is obviously nervous to be with two guys at the same time - but when the horny couple go down on him, his dick soon rises to attention! Both of the guys in the couple are pleased to see that the ginger is packing some serious bulk in his pants - in fact, he is larger downstairs then they both are! He is also a generous guy, sucking some good dick in return for the excellent fellating that he receives.

Three Hot Dudes In Leather Swap Anal Sex

Duration: 59m, 7s, Starring Brad Pleaser, Marvin Cakeater

(4 Votes)

Three horny and hairy leather studs hire a hotel room for an afternoon of uninhibited anal sex. Knowing that they have only got 24 hours, these guys really get stuck into it, leaving the romance for another day - they are here to suck cock and get fucked in the ass! The guys start off in their favorite leather outfits, with plenty of black straps and studs on offer. However, they soon get completely nude, all the better for that bareback big cock friction. With three guys in the scene there are all kinds of interesting penetrative positions they can get themselves in to, including using a swing suspended from the ceiling for deep anal sex.

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