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Ass Raiders

Three Studs Have Circle Jerk And Suck

Duration: 18m, 7s, Starring John, Larry, Marty Mitchel

(1 Vote)

Three horny guys hook up after sports practice for some hot man love. They lie on the couch in a line, each guy sucking the cock of the guy next to him. They swap around a few times so everyone gets a taste of everyone else's penis. One guy is clearly the youngest and most submissive, so he is nominated as the fuck toy of the evening. Both of the other guys take turns hammering him in the ass hole while he whimpers on the couch. Finally both guys blow their massive loads into his mouth and the poor guy is left to jack himself off alone. This is a hardcore threesome scene that you don't want to miss if you love big gay cocks!

Uncut Twink Spit Roasted by Gay Friends

Duration: 12m, 33s, Starring Larry, Marty Mitchel, Steve

(4 Votes)

Marty Mitchel and Larry have had their eye on Steve and his uncut cock for ages - and when they finally got the chance for the threesome, they were all over it. They start off by helping each other jerk off - once their dicks are nice and full, they end up pushing Larry over and working their dicks deep in his ass. He is moaning at that when Steve drops his dick down his throat, getting him to suck on his big cock while he has another thick one burying deep inside of his formerly tight asshole.

Cute Guys Next Door in Gay Threeosme

Duration: 18m, 46s, Starring Marty Mitchel, Mike, Ray

(1 Vote)

Marty Mitchel, Mike, and Ray all decided that they want to do something a little bit different today - they want to go ahead and try out a gay threesome. Mike is a bit shy about things at first, but ends up getting into it wholeheartedly and starts rubbing at his boyfriends all over. They all have very nice, thick muscles and that serve them well in the endurance factor. This is a long threesome, and all three go to the very end, trying to cum at the exact same time. This is one hot gay threesome with three very gorgeous dudes.

Horny Jocks Getting Into Threesome

Duration: 15m, 36s, Starring Mike, Ray

(1 Vote)

Mike and Ray invite another of their gay friends up to their rooms for some fun - fun for these two happens to involve a lot of ass fucking and tons of groping, not exactly in that order. They start to undress the man in the middle, admiring his 6 pack, great chest, and hairy cock. Some guys take the shaving and waxing thing too far so it's nice to see a jock that has left a bunch of fur on his dick and balls to be admired. They start working his uncut cock, and end up getting entangled with one another.

Cute Gay Coeds in Intense Threesome

Duration: 22m, Starring Larry, Marty Mitchel

(Not Rated)

Marty Mitchel, Larry, and a friend of theirs are just groping each other on the bed. The two boys focus on their friend in the middle, working their hands up and down his legs and against his crotch. They're wearing camo to give it a slight uniform feel, and once they decide that they want to feel his cock they start shoving their hands down his pants and feeling at his chest and down to his dick. They end up having a full out gay threesome in their room, pounding away at each others sweet asses.

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