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Asstractive 2

Movers Fucking in Overalls on the Couch

Duration: 24m, 48s, Starring Auer, Lenart

(Not Rated)

Now I don't know about you, but I would love to have a pair of gay movers taking my stuff to the new house - although I'm not sure if I would want them getting frisky on all of my furniture. It looks like these homeowners are going to find a sticky surprise once they finally get to their new home, but it certainly is entertaining to watch. Auer and Lenart start by bringing in the last couch and then sitting down on it, working their overalls off and slowly caressing each other. Their tongues and fingers probe each other's bodies and they continue to do their dirty deeds on the couches.

Gay Gym Sex Fuck and Suck Action

Duration: 24m, 56s, Starring Szakacs, Szasz

(Not Rated)

I cannot get enough of gym sex scenes, I have to admit it. Although this is a very small gym - probably just a fitness room in an apartment complex - it's big enough for these two handymen to get it on in. They don't start off hitting on each other or anything. In fact, Szasz and Szakacs are very demure towards each other at first, but as they work it becomes more and more apparent that there is some sort of attraction there - the type of attraction that just has to find an outlet or they are going to explode.

Muscle Man Gets Sucked Off in the Shower

Duration: 26m, Starring Auer, Farkas

(1 Vote)

Shower sex scenes are always at the top of my list of hot shit, and seeing Farkas start to wash himself off was great. It was mostly great because his dick was already hard, and he just keeps playing with it while he gets himself all wet. The rest of hs body is fucking hot too, all sorts of tight muscles - especially his ass oh my god. It's too much to resist, and apparently it's too much for Auer to resist as well. He nearly pounces on Farkas in this shower scene, then wraps his lips around that big curvy dick.

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