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Vintage Gay Couple Sex In Shower

Duration: 8m, 37s, Starring Tony Ramrod, Waheed Jaghory

(Not Rated)

This gay couple love the tenderness of kissing and rubbing their bodies together. The feel of another cock pressing against their stomach. Showering together to them is erotic. The feeling of water running down their faces as they kiss, the water tickling their cocks as it drips down on them. How the water makes the skin slippery and easy to rub their hands along. Water just makes all sexual sensations better and these good old boys know that and take advantage of it to make their sex even better.

Two Gay Guys Hit A Home Run In Lockeroom

Duration: 8m, 28s, Starring Billy Brewer, Mickey Mantley

(1 Vote)

Two manly men are out on the baseball diamond throwing around some balls and practicing in their uniforms. At the end of practice they head to the locker room to change. One of the guys looks at the other guy in his jock strap and gets a rise. Seeing this, he looks at the guy and knows he has just found himself a butt buddy he can call his own. After some blowing on a rather small cock and some jerking off our jockstrap guy sits down and has himself a ride on the cock of love! Someone hit a home run.

Vintage Gay Cowboy And Indians

Duration: 9m, 15s, Starring Orboza, Sorbo

(Not Rated)

A vintage film set in the days of the wild west. A cowboy is hurt and found at the side of the trail by an Indian wanting to assist him. He picks him up, throws him over his horse and bring him back to his home. After a while the guy wakes up and lucky for the Indian the guy is gay and in desperate need of cock! Always willing to assist the Indian proceeds to suck on his hard cock and then they get into the 69 position A third guy comes to check on our poor injured cowboy and he joins in and tries to make the guy feel better, by fucking him up the ass. Now this is the cowboy and Indian stories you don't get to see often.

Guy Toys With Dildos Then The Real Thing

Duration: 9m, 50s, Starring Darren Shiawaze, Hershey Dream

(Not Rated)

This scene featuring Darren Shiawaze and Hershey Dream starts off with a guy alone masturbating. He then pulls out a dildo, lubes it up and sticks it in his ass. He then pulls out a bigger one and tries that one, and then a bigger one still. The scene then fades to the two guys together and giving a blowjob, a wet and sloppy blowjob. Then the scene switches again to all the dildos lines up in order of size and the guy alone again, just him, his dildo's and a large quantity of vaseline to use as lube.

Vintage Video Of Cross Dresser Pickup

Duration: 12m, 53s, Starring Brian Shahid, Carl Monater

(Not Rated)

Vintage crossdresser video featuring Brian Shahid and Carl Monater. She is petite and wears make-up, nylons and heels with a scarf around her head. Our cross dresser loves passing herself off as a female and getting straight guys really horny by sucking them off and then surprising them with her penis. Most guys like this one are a little upset but are so horny at that point that they really don't care and just pretend they are fucking a chick in the ass rather than deal with the fact they are fucking a male.

Vintage Gay Porn Of Men In Uniform

Duration: 18m, 33s, Starring John Ives, Karl King, Matt Stone, Romano Dallas

(Not Rated)

Guys in uniform are always a turn on. Guys getting out of their uniforms so they can get naked and fuck each other as a group is an even bigger turn on. This vintage gay porn scene featuring John Ives, Karl King, Matt Stone and Romano Dallas shows our guys in uniforms in many situations. They range from self masturbation to sticking dildos up their own asses to group sex, lots of blowjobs and sloppy wet cum shots over each others stomachs. The action is never ending and just keeps getting better.

Vintage Gay Sex Multiple Partners

Duration: 21m, 26s, Starring Cam Wolf, John Ives, Patrick Taylor, Radfrod Windsor, Romano Dallas

(Not Rated)

This scene starts out as a a guy dressed as a female leading her date to believe she is female. The start messing around and the cross dresser blows him and when the guy wants to get naked the cross dresser resists but finally gives in. The guy is horrified, but ends up fucking the dude anyways. The scene then changes to a multitude of guys doing each other. They have a fucking train going, blowjobs, anal, legs, cocks, and mouths everywhere you look. The intricate positions in this video make you do double takes.

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