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Little Guy At The Gym Takes A Double Black Cock Ass Drilling

Duration: 28m, 53s, Starring Bam, Bobby Blake, Fabian Bedford

(8 Votes)

After a long, hot afternoon of working out at the gym, horny studs Bam and Bobby are sitting around in the kitchen with a newcomer to the gym, Fabian. Fabian is not as big as these two extremely well muscled black athletes, and you can tell that he is nervous in their presence. And so he should be - because this little guy is about to take his roughest ass fucking ever! The two big guys strip off, flexing their muscles and big cocks in front of little Fabian, pushing him down onto his knees and feeding their pricks into his mouth. After they have had their fill of blowjob fun, Fabian is bent over the table and double drilled in the butt.

Muscle Bound Gays Fuck in the Hot Tub

Duration: 16m, 35s, Starring Bobby Blake, Craig Stevens

(3 Votes)

Craig Stevens made a deal with Bobby Blake not to make a fuss when he or his boy-toys fuck in his back-yard so long as he gets to watch when they do, and gets a sweet piece of ass when there's enough to go around. When Bobby comes over for a hot-tub in the nude, Craig takes his chance to get a good length of dick to himself! These two juice-heads suck as much dick as they can get their lips on, and after a little rimming from Bobby Craig is ready to take some up his ass! Bobby rides that white ass like a champ!

Gay Outdoor Pool Anal Three-way

Duration: 18m, 45s, Starring Bam, Bobby Blake, Michael leigh

(6 Votes)

Bam, Bobby Blake and Michael Leigh have all used their neighbor's pool before. This pool has seen all of the naked before, and all of them fucked in the ass before, but never together! Michael knows how to get a man hard, and keep him wanting more which is just what he does to Bobby all the time as he takes his mammoth black cock in his mouth and then in his ass! While Bobby takes him from behind, Bam lays in front of him so he can keep working that skilled tongue and bob his head just the way Bobby likes!

Gay Three-way in the Outdoor Pool

Duration: 18m, 57s, Starring Bobby Blake, Craig Stevens, JC Carter

(5 Votes)

Muscle bound and hornier than a rhino, JC Carter and Bobby Blake take a skinny dip in their apartment pool. They knew they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off their big black hard-ons, and maybe the landlord wouldn't like the complaints but sometimes you have to live on the edge! Until the landlord, Craig Stevens, comes out to join them for their summer-time outdoor anal fuckfest! These three men give it as hard as they take it. With the landlord there they know there won't be complaints, and if there are, maybe Craig will be happier to talk to them about it!

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