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It's Anal Payback Time For This Pesky Officer Of The Law

Duration: 33m, 48s, Starring Antonio Hawk, Diego Suave, Rod Wolfe

(1 Vote)

Knowing that a couple of their comrades have been captured by that pesky sheriff, the whole gang turns up at the sheriff's house, intent on revenge. First they break into the barn, rescuing their two captive buddies then, donning their evil looking masks, the whole crew sets out in search of the sheriff. Two studs find him horny against a wall, quickly restraining him and tearing off his clothes. It's payback time - and that means hammering him painfully in his mouth and his ass! The two studs take turns reaming the sheriff, although for some reason it's not as unpleasant as it sounds - in fact, the dirty sheriff really enjoys it!

Horny Ass Fucking Bandits Caught By Police In Mid Anal

Duration: 27m, Starring Gabriel Santos, Romero Rivera

(1 Vote)

These South American ass bandits just can't keep their hormones under control - and they end up paying the ultimate price! Romero and Gabriel are busy robbing a wagon, stealing all the stuff off the back with masks over their faces. However, as Gabriel bends over the edge of the wagon, Romero can't help but notice his tight ass clenched inside his jeans! The two guys pause mid-robbery, lying down on the grass and taking turns sucking each others' pricks. Gabriel lies on his back, lifting his legs wide apart while Romero fingers his ass, giving him a rim job before he slides his cock into his tight hole. Then the cops turn up!

Dumbass Burglars Caught Ass Fucking Over The Pool Table

Duration: 28m, 55s, Starring Antonio Peron, Eli Carreras

(Not Rated)

How fucking dumb can you get? Bandits Antonio and Eli are robbing an expensive villa, filling their sacks with as much booty as they can find. However, in the den there is a full-sized pool table, so the idiots decide to stop for a game! Of course, you can't have a pool table in a porn movie without having some fucking on it, so the guys get completely naked and start sucking each others' dicks. This in turn leads to some hardcore anal sex, with Eli bending Antonio over the table and reaming him hard with no lube. Antonio screws up his face while he gets painfully ass fucked - and then the goddamn sheriff walks in, capturing them both!

Manuel And Marcos Have Hard Anal Sex During A Burglary

Duration: 20m, 30s, Starring Manuel Bianchi, Marcos Cabo

(Not Rated)

Gorgeous but dangerous Latino criminals Manuel and Marcos are in the middle of robbing a luxurious house. However, their wonton desires get the best of them, and they end up taking off their masks, stripping and lying down on one of the plush leather sofas. Manuel lies back with his erection pointing to the ceiling as Marcos goes down on him, swallowing the dick to the base. Then Marcos, also naked and handling his own stiff dick, lowers his ass hole down on Manuel's pole. He rides the hard cock, taking the full length up his rectum then the studs switch positions, with Marcos fucking Manuel in the butt from the back.

Two Young Twink Thieves Reamed In The Ass By The Sheriff

Duration: 28m, Starring Marcello Rocha, Mateo Reis, Rod Wolfe

(20 Votes)

These two young thieves are capture by the town sheriff, who ties them up and throws them into the barn to think about their predicament. When he sees them again, he gives them a choice either go to jail, or suck his cock and take it in the ass! The choice is obvious for these young punks, and as soon as they are untied from their bonds, they quickly strip and get down on their knees. They use their young mouths expertly suck the sheriff's dick, blowing him almost to the point of orgasm. Then the sheriff bends them both over on the floor, pumping them one after the other in the ass with only spit for lube. It's better than prison!

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