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Soccer Scrum With Three Horny Latino Men

Duration: 26m, 32s, Starring Alejandro J., Pedro Sanchez, Raphael

(2 Votes)

It doesn't look like these horny soccer players are going to be getting much practice done today! In this vid the coach has a private training session with two of his best players - but it's not the soccer ball that they're going to be playing with! He kisses both of the young studs on the lips before he drops to his knees, pulling down their shorts on the playing field and blowing them bareback right then and there. Then the coach gets completely naked, bending down on all fours on the grass and letting his two star players take turns with his ass. Both of the young players also take turns getting reamed in their virginal butts.

Injured Soccer Player Takes Two Hard Cocks In His Tight Ass

Duration: 29m, 19s, Starring Carlos Juarez, Victor Lopez

(1 Vote)

This gay sex threesome movie begins with a game of football. One stud is grievously injured, twisting his leg he has to do be carried off the field by the other men. They take him back to the changing room, caring to his wound however, the helplessness of this hot body male, unable to run away, overcomes them! The two studs strip the clothes off the injured man, rubbing his dick until he is rock hard the three studs take turns blowing each other. Then it's time for the injured man to be made to feel better he gets bent over by the other two men, who fuck him simultaneously in his mouth and his ass in spit roast fashion.

Handsome Football Player Loves To Be Sucked

Duration: 25m, 30s, Starring Joachim, Malcolm Rodrigues

(2 Votes)

You might not guess it, but these sexy football players just love the taste of dick in their mouths. They're going to get all hot and bothered over the thought of working on each other, so you'll see Joachim and Malcolm Rodrigues in fine form today. They're getting so worked up over the thought of each other's dicks that they're moaning, groaning and screaming in pleasure as those cocks slowly work their way in to each other's bodies. It's an intense time that is only going to get more intense when the cum starts flying.

Alonzo F Fucks His Boyfriend On Top Of A Pool Table

Duration: 26m, Starring Alonzo F.

(1 Vote)

Alonzo F. is not exactly going to be focused on his pool game for very long. Instead, he's finding out just how great it is to fuck his boyfriend right on top of the pool table. They won't ever need a bed when they are in the mood for billiards, and it's definitely an entertaining position for the boys. As they get so hot with each other, their cocks are going to be held at the edge of orgasm. They're shuddering and screaming as they cum together, letting their jizz drip all over the place to make a mess.

Brazilian Roommates Take Turns Fucking Each Others' Asses

Duration: 26m, Starring Andres Corral, Lukas Swift

(Not Rated)

Lukas and Andres are a couple of hot Brazilian roommates with a nasty secret - they love to fuck each other in the ass! Lukas, who has got a masculine high and tight haircut, is sitting at the computer, flicking through some porn when his curly haired roommate enters. He stands there watching Lukas for a moment, admiring his fine form - then he gets down on his knees in between Lukas' thighs and starts sucking! The oral and the anal go both ways in this vid, with slutty Andres getting pumped in his rear end as well, screwing up his face in a mix of pain and pleasure as his ass hole gets stretched. His butt almost gets busted!

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