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Beyond Adorable

A Gay Couple Gets Busy In The Back Yard

Duration: 11m, 28s, Starring Drew Andrews, Tom Moore

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Tom Moore and Drew Andrews were hanging out naked in the hot tub they had on the deck of their house. after a short soak Drew swam over and started sucking on Tom's dick. He blew him good, sucking that cock until he was throbbing and hard. Tom then took him to a bench in the yard, laid Drew down and dropped the hammer on him. He held his legs up and fucked him deep and true, driving that cock into his ass over and over like a piston in a race car. When he was ready to explode he pulled out and shot his load all over Drew who then jerked off and added his own jizz to the love cocktail that was now on his chest.

Two Hung Studs Get Buck Wild By The Fire

Duration: 18m, 24s, Starring Cole Reece, Michael Brandon

(Not Rated)

Cole Reece and Michael Brandon were sitting by the fireplace naked and rubbing each other's fit bodies. Michael grabbed Cole by the cock, pulled him over and started to suck him. Once he had him as hard as steel he pushed him down on the bearskin rug, climbed on top of him and sunk down on that hard dick. He rode that cock with smile, grinding his ass into it and moaning as he bounced on it. Cole put him on all fours and mounted him like he was a wild stallion. He broke him down and pounded him into submission then both guys came together and collapsed exhausted.

Hot Gay Sex In The Great Outdoors

Duration: 15m, 34s, Starring Ethan Richards, Fernando

(Not Rated)

Fernando and Ethan Richards were on vacation together at a nice resort. One afternoon they were walking around outside and saw that they were alone by the pool. Ethan took advantage of the opportunity, yanked Fernando pants down and started sucking on his rod. Once he had him standing at full attention he stripped his own pants off and laid down on one of the lounge chairs so Fernando could fuck him. Fernando hit that ass with gusto, pounding it like he had never done before. He slammed that ass so hard half the resort could hear Ethan moaning. The guys didn't care who saw them, it was too fun to stop.

Three Guys Fuck On A Friday Night

Duration: 25m, 53s, Starring Dustin O'Donnell, Jason Greenwood, Max Howard

(Not Rated)

Dustin O'Donnell had his friends Max Howard and Jason Greenwood over to his place one Friday night to hang out and have some fun. It wasn't long before all three guys were fully nude and trading blowjobs. It was decided that Dustin sucked the best dick so he serviced both the guys before getting on his hands and knees to let Jason fuck him. Jason drove his dick in him from behind while Dustin continued to orally satisfy Max then the guys swapped spots and Max got to feel that nice tight ass. They both fucked him until the had their fill then took turns splattering him with hot man gravy.

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