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Glory Hole Bathroom Fucking Antics

Duration: 8m, 17s, Starring Charlie Sideburns, Henry Hairman, Nathan Masters, Ralph Knuts

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Horny guy sits in a stall all day that has a glory hole in it hoping to give a guy a blow job. One guy gets a blow job and walks out of the bathroom just then another guy comes in. At first, our hairy stud appears disinterested but has second thoughts and skips the glory hole and go straight for the guys mouth instead. Then out of of nowhere another guy walks into the bathroom and joins in on the fun but this guy is more interested in fucking than blow jobs so he whips his cock out and fucks the guy getting a blow job. The bathroom gets pretty busy because yet another guy comes in and he gets his ass eaten out.

Young Guy Sucks An Old Cock In The Car

Duration: 6m, 41s, Starring Steward Little, Tommy Pervo

(Not Rated)

In this hot street blow job scene, an older stud, completely straight acting, walks past a good-looking young tough who is sitting on a street corner. The young street thug knows a thing or two, and he recognizes the tiny flicker of a glance that the mature man gives him. It's all the hint he needs - he knows that this horny old cocksucker needs a dick! He follows him to his car, leaning through the window and blatantly propositioning him. The old man maintains a stoic expression as the younger chap swallows his pole, sucking his cum from the balls right into his mouth. Once the old man has cum, he gives the younger stud some oral too.

Naughty Waiter Jerks Off Into The Food

Duration: 8m, 56s, Starring Edward Melon

(Not Rated)

This dirtywaiter is going to add something special to the sauce of his employer's food! His boss is a real prick, always buzzing him on the intercom and making more of his ridiculous demands. Cute young waiter Edward has had enough of this shit, and he decides to pay his employer back on the sly. He does this by first cutting a hole in to the melon that he is about to serve him and sticking his cock right inside! He fucks it just like it was an ass hole, leaving a dribble of precum in the fruit. Then he gets a bowl of whipped cream out of the refrigerator, ejaculating right into it. It's only then that he takes his boss his dinner!

Old Harryman Pays Young Stud For Dickin'

Duration: 10m, 1s, Starring Darryl Can, Harold Harryman

(Not Rated)

Harold Harryman slips a greasy $20 to co-ed stud Darryl Can. Yup, he's paying this big dicked stud to suck him off and take a furious pounding from the old man's dick. He skullfucks this ripped surfer looking chap with zeal, and this cock-loving butt fucker just grabs the old guy's ass and takes it. They both pound the living hell out of each others' tight ass, they kick it off in the shower and then pound it out on the floor before they're both spraying explosive blasts of cum all over each other.

Trampers Double Team A Guy In The Forest

Duration: 9m, 41s, Starring Darren Shaft, Mountainman Steve, Richard Crow

(Not Rated)

Two guys are walking along a forest track, tramping, when they stumble across another dude sitting on the side of the path. They stop to chat, sharing a drink from his bottle of liquor. One of the men has his vest open, exposing his hairy chest - and he notices the seated man eying him up and down! Of course, the walking is abandoned for the day as the three guys get down and dirty with each others' dicks. The third man turns out to be a submissive cocksucker, an oral slut who loves to have his mouth fucked by a couple of randy guys. They use his mouth, violently throat fucking him, before they bend him over and finger his ass hole.

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