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Big and Bound: Las Vegas

Scary Stud Ties Up Straight Acting Businessman In Hotel Room

Duration: 12m, 33s, Starring Ranger, Shadow

(Not Rated)

Ranger is a conservative married businessman in Las Vegas for work. He hooks up with dominator Shadow in a hotel room for an evening of dirtyand submissive pleasure! Ranger hasn't had much gay sex, let alone being tied up - but Shadow isn't going to let his slave's inexperience hold him back! Shadow looks as menacing as always in a tight black leather vest, black gloves and a matching mask Ranger looks visibly terrified. He's hog tied face down on the bed, with Shadow pulling down Ranger's pants and jerking his dick, which grows to an involuntary erection. Ranger also gets fucked in his straight acting mouth by his Master!

Chubby Cocksucker Lycan Is Desperate For A Hot Jizz Mouthful

Duration: 14m, 2s, Starring Lycan, Shadow

(Not Rated)

You might think that chubby stud Lycan was quite threatening if you met him in a dark alleyway late at night, but really he is just a big softy who loves to be disciplined! He gets stripped down to his underpants and tied with his hands behind his back by stud Shadow, who is wearing a menacing looking black mask with matching gloves. He runs his hands all over Lycan's body while Lycan whimpers softly, yelping when his Master slides a finger in his ass! Then Lycan is pushed down onto the floor, opening his mouth and welcoming his Master's dick into his throat, working it in a frenzy - this nasty cocksucker is desperate for a cum mouthful!

Gay Leather Stud Tied Up For Hot Blow Job In Hotel Room

Duration: 15m, 28s, Starring Ranger, Shadow

(Not Rated)

This anonymous gay sex meeting in a hotel room certainly doesn't go how stud Ranger was expecting! He dresses up just as his man tells him to, in a pair of leather underpants and chaps. However, he soon finds himself bound and gagged in the hotel room bed by masked dominator Shadow! Ranger whimpers in helpless pleasure as Shadow pulls down Ranger's pants, revealing the fact that he is erect inside his y-fronts. Shadow also unzips his own pants, feeding his prick into Ranger's mouth as he reaches down and caresses the other man's meat. He gives him a casual hand job as Ranger sucks hard, knowing that he better suck that cock good!

Three Big Guys Get Kinky With Each Other in Threesome

Duration: 15m, 7s, Starring Lycan, Ranger, Shadow

(3 Votes)

If you're in the mood to see some kinky action with bigger guys, you're going to want to swing by and check out this fun time. You have Shadow, Lycan, and Ranger getting some bondage fun in before a threesome blowjob is had. These guys are all over Ranger's dick, making sure that he knows exactly who is in charge. After they service him, they end up getting so hot and bothered that they want to get ready for an even more intense threesome time. They are moaning, groaning, and screaming in pleasure as they cum.

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