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Big Hands

Barry and Steve Taking Beachside Walk

Duration: 9m, 47s, Starring Barry, Steve

(Not Rated)

Barry and Steve wanted to have a day out for themselves, so this gay couple decided to hit the beach. After a bit of sailing they find themselves on the sand, walking hand and hand into the sunset. They certainly look like they're comfortable with each other, and the sexual chemistry simply cannot be denied. You can just imagine what will happen when they find a completely private spot - you know their pants are going to be thrown off to the side and their asses are going to be probed and filled in no time flat.

Cock Breath Guys Sucking While Camping

Duration: 14m, 18s, Starring Barry, Steve

(Not Rated)

Formerly straight business men Barry and Steve continue their fantastic summer holiday by frolicking in the sunshine completely naked. The two men run after each other enthusiastically completely nude, prancing like young studs. Then they gleefully collapse onto the long grass, blowing each others' dickheads and even licking each others' buttholes! You'd never expect this kind of behavior back in the office! First one man sucks, and then the other; these studs just seem to spend their entire holiday walking around and sucking each others' manhoods! They kiss each other on the lips afterwards - they must like the taste of that manhood breath!

Barry And Steves' Hot Outdoor Fuck Party

Duration: 7m, 29s, Starring Barry, Steve

(Not Rated)

Horny homosexuals Barry and Steve are having the best summer holiday ever! Waking up from a hot night of fucking in their camping tent, they go for a swim at dawn next to the sea. On the seaside, they kiss each other passionately on the lips and then have a hardcore ass fuck! The action doesn't stop there, as they lie in the shade underneath a tree to avoid the heat of the morning sun on their naked bodies. Of course, when you get a couple of horny gay men like this together they can't keep their hands of their mouths off each other for long! Barry and Steve end up sucking each other off right there outdoors. There's plenty of jism!

Hardcore Gay Ass Fucking By Camp Fire

Duration: 7m, 44s, Starring Barry, Steve

(Not Rated)

In this erotic gay porn movie, two straight studs go on a camping trip and end up fucking each other up the ass by the fire. They set up camp and soon they're cuddling, leaning against each other with their lips almost touching. Fast forward a few minutes and Barry is bent over on all fours as he gets buggered by his buddy Steve, who has got an extremely large cock and knows how to make an ass sore! This horny homosexual loves getting fucked in his butt, groaning as his bowels get stretched in order to accommodate the whopping member. He ends up being fucked until dawn, and is going to be sore tomorrow!

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