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Black Ballers 3

Chris Gill Makes Da Poka Man While They Are Locked Up

Duration: 22m, 41s, Starring Chris Gill, Da Poka Man

(2 Votes)

Chris Gill was supposed to meet his new boss in the back room, but he wasn't sure what to expect. The old boss was a nice enough guy, but he'd heard some pretty awful things about the new guy. Da Poka Man only really asked the white boy back so he could get a better idea of how he'd be able to fuck him. His love of white ass hadn't dwindled, and with his own white guy to fuck on the regular at work, it would make the days fly by. When he finds some contraband in the guy's locker, the deal is sealed.

Gym Trainer Bam Fucking His Friend Brandon

Duration: 16m, 57s, Starring Bam, Brandon Tamarin

(Not Rated)

Bam Spends most of his days working out, it's kind of his way of getting the anger out, and blowing off the steam of a stressful day. But one thing about Bam, he loves solid white ass. Any time he gets the chance to fuck a white guy, he takes it. And when he sees a white guy who isn't really in shape hanging out in his gym, he can't help taking him right then and there. Brandon Tamarin never had a chance to say a word, he just got handed a cock and told to suck by a massive black baller, and he wasn't about to argue.

Pallid White Dude Ass Fucked In Prison By Two Black Thugs

Duration: 13m, 50s, Starring Bam, Da Poka Man, Tom Moore

(Not Rated)

If you're a white guy in a prison cell full of black gangstas, you're gonna have a bad time! Rather than have the shit kicked out of his pallid white ass, this overweight stud willingly gives up his butt to these two hardcore ebony thugs. First he kneels and sucks them, trying not to think about the reputation for being a cocksucker that he's about to get, that will probably follow him around the prison system for life. He tries to relax and let them enter his ass freely, but they're both extremely large, in typical ebony fashion - and the nasty fuckers use hardly any spit for lube. They seem intent on making sure that it hurts him!

Da Poka Man And Four Friends Have Gay Sex In Jail

Duration: 14m, 26s, Starring Bam, Chris Donnell, Da Poka Man, Excite, Soloman

(1 Vote)

Maybe some of you have seen that movie about the guys that go on a trip down south and find themselves in a backwater town with nothing better to do than hunt and fish, and then they get fucked by a few other men from around the area. Well, let's change the setting to the inner city, and let's make the tourist Chris Donnell. A loner white boy about to get his day seriously fucked up the ass, as he does. Excite, Soloman, Bam and Da Poka Man are all going to take turns on this white boy all night long.

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