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Black Cherry

Glen And Brett Get Into Some Hot Sex

Duration: 20m, 3s, Starring Brett Bousiny, Glen Charred

(Not Rated)

Glen Charred and Brett Bousiny had known each other for a while so when Glen finally made his move Brett wasn't shocked and was actually turned on. Brett sat down and let Glen take that dick deep down his throat. Getting his dick sucked felt good but he wanted some ass so he bent Brett over and slipped that dick into his ass. He reamed that ass and really built up speed as he is cock worked in and out of that ass like a piston on a motor. As he blew his load he stood up over Brett and busted a hot nut all over him while Brett stroked and came at the same time.

Two Horny Gays Make Each Other Explode

Duration: 18m, 12s, Starring Jamal Trek, Jimmy Peck

(Not Rated)

Two horny black homosexuals go back to the apartment for a late-night sexual rendezvous. One guy is slightly stockier, with paler skin and a goatee while his friend is clean shaven and has extremely dark skin. The darker guy can't wait to get his mouthful of cock, eagerly getting on to his knees and sucking on the lighter skinned guy's pole. It's not long before the dark guy's expert oral skills bring off his friend and there is cum gushing into his mouth. Not wanting to take and not to give, the guy with the goatee bends over and encourages the thick dicked black guy to take his ass, moaning while he gets royally lanced in his anus.

Two Guys Fucking In A Hot Tub

Duration: 13m, 54s, Starring Martin Poke, Nick Bust

(Not Rated)

Nick Bust and Martin Poke were relaxing in the hot tub. Martin reached out and took Nick's cock in his hand and stroked him. He rubbed that dick then leaned over and sucked on his dick. He blew him until he was throbbing and hard then Martin bent over and let Nick get behind him and drill him deep in the ass. Nick pounded away as the water splashed and they worked up a sweat as they fucked like rabid dogs. Nick drove it home hard then pulled out and the two sat on the edge of the hot tub and shot their loads all over each other.

Cocksucking Black Gay Men In Back Room

Duration: 18m, 34s, Starring Brian Wood, Kevin Torque

(Not Rated)

Two horny gay blacks hook up in the back room of the restaurant and have rough anal sex in amongst all the cleaning equipment. The two waiters have been eying each other over the plates in the kitchen all evening, and finally, now that all of the customers have gone home, they can finally satiate their homosexual lust. The guys get down on their knees, enthusiastically sucking each others' black cocks to full and hard erections. One guy lifts himself up on to a food preparation counter, lifting his saggy balls out of the way and baring his clean and tight ass hole for penetration. He gets fucked in his rear end hard and deep.

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