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Black Encounters

Three Black Guys Suck Cock At The Pool

Duration: 25m, 15s, Starring Bob Cat, Bobby Blake, Flex-Deon Blake

(Not Rated)

Bob Cat and Bobby Blake met up with Flex Deon Blake at a pool where they were all hanging out. All three of these ebony studs were horny so as soon as they met up the clothes fell off and the dick sucking began. These guys kissed while Bob got on his knees and took turns sucking both Bobby and Flex off then the guys bent over and let Cat toss both their salads while he rubbed their balls from behind. The guys took Bob to the stairs, bent him over and took turns fucking him in the ass deep and fast. They used his ass until they were read to pop then all three busted a nut together.

Black Studs Have Random Street Hook Up

Duration: 16m, 42s, Starring Infinity, Winston Love

(Not Rated)

These good-looking black guys meet randomly on the street one day. They are passing each other when they give each other the cruising glance - that flickering look from eyes, down to the crotch, and back up to the eyes - that lets them know another gay man is in the area. A few words are spoken and then they accompany one another back to the crib. As soon as they get in the door, they are down on their hands and knees sucking each others' cocks, and then one guy lays his partner down on the table and enters his ass. The guy getting ass fucked strokes himself and moans while he gets plundered, then bends the other fella over to do the same.

Two Black Studs Exchange Oral Fun

Duration: 21m, 56s, Starring Bobby Blake, Flex-Deon Blake

(Not Rated)

Bobby Blake and Flex-Deon Blake are a couple of huge black guys that met in a porn store as they were looking for some new magazines. They went out back to an alley then started making out and got each other naked. Bobby bent over and sucked Flex's cock then Flex bent over and let Bobby stroke his cock while he ate his ass out. Flex went to his knees to return the favor and sucked Bobby's long cock. The guys kissed while they stroked each others long dicks then pressed the heads of their cocks together and came at the same time.

Gay Black Guys Fuck in the Kitchen

Duration: 15m, 24s, Starring Ty Jones, Unique Lee

(1 Vote)

These guys don't want to go to the bedroom at all - they are so horny that they get down and dirty right in the kitchen. It would be awesome if they happened to be cooking while they're starting to fuck each other, but hey - can't have everything, right? This is Ty Jones and Unique Lee, who are well known black gay pornstars - you might have seen them before, but I think this is one of their most intense performances ever. I do love watching their tight black asses pounding in on each other. It's a great black sex scene.

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