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Black Meat Warehouse 2

Hairy Black Man Jerks Off His Big Meaty Dick

Duration: 4m, 47s, Starring Alejandro

(6 Votes)

You're going to want to sit back and make yourself comfortable as you watch this hunk start to work his big ebony dick. While he's not as well hung as some black guys, he does have plenty in his pants to make the ladies happy. He's stretching himself out wide on the bed to relax, knowing that he's going to have jerked himself in to a frenzy by the time he's done making this video. He has a lot of body hair going on down there, so if you like your guys hairy you're going to be getting quite a treat out of him.

Extremely Well Hung Black Stud Spunks Off His Own Cock

Duration: 5m, 53s, Starring Kid Kaj

(2 Votes)

Ripped black stud, kidd Kaj, strokes off his gigantic black cock while dreaming about big black dudes fucking him raw!

Puerto Rican Stud Shows Off His Surprisingly Large Dick

Duration: 7m, 11s, Starring Freakin Rican

(1 Vote)

You know what they say - good things cum in small packages! This stud's name is Freakin Rican, because he is of Puerto Rican extraction. He's actually quite a small guy, but he is packing a surprising wallop in his pants! At the beginning of the vid he is dressed in thug style, with baggy jeans and a baseball cap, although he soon loses all his clothes. You'll be amazed at the size of his piece - you'd just never expect that such a little guy could be carrying such a lethal weapon! He is obviously proud of his package, as well, demonstrating how he can grasp it in both hands and the head still pokes out the top. Fucking delicious!

Big Cock Black Rasta Man Plays With His Impressive Meat

Duration: 4m, 49s, Starring Dread

(2 Votes)

This rasta badboy is seriously fucking hung! He is sexy as fuck, dripping pure sensuality with his long dreadlocks and pierced nipples. However, all of that pales in comparison with his enormous pole, which is nearly as long as his forearm! It's also extremely thick, rivalling the diameter of his wrist. Of course, what is a long black cock without a pair of full, heavy balls to match? The stud lies with his legs spread, showing off the bottom of his ass crack as he plays with himself. There's a look of deep satisfaction on his face - he's obviously proud of what God gave him! He starts off slow but soon he is thrashing himself.

Incredibly Sexy Tattooed Muscle Stud Shows Off His Meat

Duration: 9m, 25s, Starring Mangus

(1 Vote)

Hard muscles, sexy tattoos and an enormous dick - ethnic stud Magnus is the perfect package! This dude is sexy as fuck just look at that designer stubble and those sultry eyes, and that's before he has even taken his clothes off! He strips out of his tight wifebeater and blue jeans, lying on the bed with his legs spread wide and giving you a tantalizing glimpse of his asshole as he plays with himself. His tool is impressive when soft, and wait until it gets big - you will be flabbergasted! The stud also poses with his balls, showing you just how large and round they are each testicle has got to be at least as big as a golf ball.

Rock Man X Is A Skinny Ebony Thug With A Monstrous Dick

Duration: 7m, 6s, Starring

(3 Votes)

Skinny ebony stud Rock Man X doesn't look like much. He almost looks comical in baggy pants and with his cap sideways - but you will have a new-found respect when he takes off his trunks and shows you his tool! For such a short skinny guy, he is certainly packing a massive wallop in his pants, with a long dick that stretches out past his belly button. With such a large member, he doesn't need to trim his pubes, and he is natural and unshaved - but still looks ginormous! He jacks himself off good in this video, stroking the full length of his pole and squeezing the head until he spurts all over his own flat black stomach.

He Likes To Self Sex Himself With His Big Cock

Duration: 9m, 20s, Starring Pinky

(9 Votes)

Pinky has a damn large cock, and he's more than happy to be bringing it out for everyone to enjoy. As he's swinging it around, he's going to start toying with himself, working his hands all over his cock until it's big and proud. He's got quite the girth as well, so you know if he was driving that dick in to your ass that you're going to be feeling every fucking inch of it. There's so much moaning and pounding that you'll be left knowing that he's got plenty more to give from there, and there's nothing quite like it.

Extremely Well Hung Masked Stud Spurts All Over Own Stomach

Duration: 9m, 28s, Starring The Mask

(7 Votes)

This guy, known only as The Mask, is for some reason shy. It is difficult to see why, because who could possibly not be proud of an enormous whopper like that! The dude has got a pretty hot body, somewhat skinny but with some nicely toned abs and clear-cut muscles in his arms and shoulders. However, his prick is magnificent, rock hard, perfectly formed and with a bulbous head that is oh so suckable. Wearing a balaklava for privacy, he pumps himself off in this vid, stroking his pole long and hard until he drops a huge, juicy jizz load all over his own flat stomach. Wouldn't you just love to lick it off that rippling slab of muscle?

Extremely Well Hung Stud Venom Has Got A Dangerous Black Cock

Duration: 9m, 35s, Starring Venom

(10 Votes)

You can see why this black stud is called Venom - because that weapon lurking in his pants is fucking dangerous! He is a stunningly good-looking black male, with a perfect body to match that ideal combination of slim and toned. However, you will be fixated on his cock as soon as he pulls down his pants - it is truly enormous! It is a magnificent python, except that it's rock hard and bristling, with a bulging head that is already leaking precum. He lies back and relaxes, pumping himself slowly at first and spitting on the palm of his hand for lubrication before he picks up the pace and thrashes himself off to an explosive orgasm.

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