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Black Men's 12 Inch Club

Horny Black Jocks Taste Each Others' Cum

Duration: 18m, 7s, Starring Jay Jay, Killa-Kil

(1 Vote)

Two horny gangstas hook up at the basketball court and head back to their momma's house for some secret gay sex. These guys can't come out to their friends, but that doesn't stop them having steamy fuck and suck sex behind closed doors. They begin with some kissing and mutual masturbation before they flip a coin to see who gets to fuck whom in the ass. The loser really gets his ass reamed by his buddy, letting out all that tension that they built up bumping into each other on the basketball court. The sex is hot and sweaty and then they both drink each others' spunk loads. After a quick break, they fuck for the rest of the afternoon.

Submissive Black Dude Fucked In His Ass

Duration: 19m, 25s, Starring Kacorot, T-Rod

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Two horny black jocks hook up one night for some steamy fun. One guy, wearing a do-rag, is considerably more submissive than the other and he ends up getting his tight ass stretched out by his friend's big black cock. He moans like a little bitch while he gets reamed, but he's only getting what he really asked for. He wanted a big black cock and he got one - he shouldn't complain if it hurts while it stretches out his black ass! He wants to get inside his friend's butthole as well, but the dominant stud denies him, jerking himself off while his friend grinds his ebony body over his. This is a fantastic black on black gay anal scene!

Big Black Dude Roughly Sodomizes Twink

Duration: 12m, 2s, Starring Jay Jay, Scorpio

(Not Rated)

A big black gangster has picked up a scrawny young ebony twink for his own deviant pleasure. He brings the guy back to his crib, getting naked on the bed with him and shoving his cock into the young guy's mouth. It's huge, thick and musky, and his young partner has trouble not gagging on the impressive shaft. When he gets sick of the young guy's crying, he decides to teach him a lesson, bending him over on all fours and slamming him right in his black ass. This really makes him scream and the young guy tries to get away, so the big black stud holds his hands behind his back while he roughly sodomises the poor youngster.

Horny Black Thug Takes It In Ass

Duration: 26m, 9s, Starring Puff, Sevyn Carrington

(3 Votes)

This gay black thug is named Sevyn Carrington, and he's about to meat up with big dick Puff. Now Puff might not be an awe inspiring name, but his dick is truly awe inspiring, and you would never believe just how big it is until you see it in person. I know my jaw was dropped the entire time, especially when I saw Sevyn take pretty much the entire dick all the way in his ass. I have no idea how he manages that, but I do know that he made some of the wildest noises I have ever heard as he was doing it.

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