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Blaxican Xtasy 2

Obsessed Black Man Finally Gets A Latino

Duration: 18m, 15s, Starring Jamal A

(4 Votes)

Homosexual race traitor Jamal has broken one of the first commandments of being a black gay man - you don't fuck outside your race! He's been slumming it over in the Hispanic part of town, trying to pick himself up a hot Latino male. Finally he picks himself up a good looking stud with a rock hard cock and takes him back to his apartment. The Latino lies back in luxury, thinking how lucky he is to have found himself this sweet black cocksucker. Jamal does his work, going down on the Latino and burying his nose in his bushy pubic hair. Then Jamal bends over, looking back over her shoulder and begging the Latino to tap him in his anus.

Sex Crazed Ebony Cocksucker Ass Pounded

Duration: 19m, 53s, Starring Keith Barron, Terrance A

(Not Rated)

This horny black cocksucker has been craving a hard dick in his mouth for weeks. He has been gradually becoming more and more sexually frustrated, going out late at night and giving every man he can see the eye in the hope that one will give him a dick to chew on. Finally he hooks up with a horny gay male, then walking home. He leads the impressionable man home, eagerly getting the dick into his mouth as soon as possible. He can't believe how good it tastes or how fantastic it feels as it fills up his mouth with that musky taste of ebony penis. He also gets fucked in his ass, begging for anal as he holds his ass cheeks apart.

Black Cocksucker Ass Reamed By Latino

Duration: 16m, 39s, Starring Mike A

(Not Rated)

A sleazy Latino stud picks up a submissive black cocksucker with braided hair at the gay bar. He takes him back to his apartment, where he lies naked on the bed and lets the black homosexual go down on him. He leans back and looks down with deep satisfaction as he watches the expert blowjob artist orally pleasure him. When he's had enough of this deepthroat pleasuring, he dominantly tells that ebony bitch to bend over the edge of the bed and hold his ass cheeks apart. The black guy squeals as his ass gets filled with a stiff Latino cock. He gets fucked hard in his extremely tight ass and then the Latino guy pulls out to spunk on his cheeks.

Cocksucker Gets A Surprise Ass Reaming

Duration: 18m, 5s, Starring Colin Davis, Terrance A

(1 Vote)

These horny black guys hook up at the hardware store, giving each other the eye as they walk past each other in the power tools aisle. One guy starts to give the other guy's little rub on through his jeans and before you know it they're back at the crib for some cocksucking action. One guy is clearly the bottom, getting his head thrust up and down on the other guy's prick until he chokes. This little cocksucker loves to get it rough! Then he gets fucked in the ass, bent over and reamed in that tight butthole with only spit for lubrication. His buddy cums in his ass and then the bottom bitch has to jack himself off the rest of the way.

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