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Muscular Blond Guy Taught About Anal Sex

Duration: 21m, 44s, Starring Chaz Carlton, Tanner Reeves

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This stylized gay sex clip begins with an extremely good-looking and muscular blond guy sitting on a chair in a stark red room. He idly plays with his rock hard dick, stroking it and marveling at the bulging veins. Then he is joined by an older and more dominant brunette man with a goatee. He roughly bends the blond man over at the waist and tongues his ass hole, getting it sloppy and slippery for his dick. He soon follows his moist tongue with his rock hard cock, and the goatee wearing stud buggers the submissive blond cocksucker. Sitting on a chair, the older man guides the muscular blond as he bounces up and down on the pole.

Hairy Cocksucker Gets Buggered So Hard

Duration: 17m, 37s, Starring Buck Philips, Chris Yeager

(Not Rated)

Do you like your cocksuckers hairy? In this clip, a good-looking and mostly hairless stud is lying on bed on the sofa, completely naked. His boyfriend, a submissive and extremely hairy cocksucker walks into the room, feebly clutching his own small penis as he looks with open lust at the naked body of his man. He reaches out and begins to stroke the cock, marveling as it begins to stiffen. He lowers his head down towards the dick and begins to slurp and suck on it, getting it rock hard. His boyfriend stirs up, thrusting hard into his mouth before he lays the hairy man on his back and fucks roughly and brutally in the ass.

Aging Dude Ass Fucked By Young Room Mate

Duration: 11m, 18s, Starring Jake Bee, Tanner Reeves

(Not Rated)

This muscular but aging dude wakes up and looks at himself in the bathroom mirror, alarmed at his rapidly receding hair. His young room mate walks in, and he decides to fuck him senseless to take his mind off his worries. The guys compare cocks, reaching out to stroke each others shafts. Then the young room mate gets on his knees and sucks the older gentleman's penis! The guys go into the bedroom, where the roles are reversed. The aging fellow gets down between his buddy's thighs and sucks his dick, later giving up his own ass for sex. He squeals and goes red in the face as he gets buggered by his shorter but well hung room mate.

Nude Art Class Turns To Sexy Threesome

Duration: 17m, 38s, Starring Cody Bawduniak, Paul Morgan, Reno

(Not Rated)

This art class goes completely wrong, with the painting abandoned as three studs get it on in a frenzy of cock sucking and ass fucking. The teacher of the class watches in bemusement as his two students suck his cock, drawing him to the inevitable orgasm as he gushes on their faces. Then the students get down and dirty on the carpet in front of him, laying out a sheet and buggering each other senseless. It's difficult to tell who is more into it - the guy doing the fucking or the guy being plugged in his own ass! That's what happens with these creative guys - they are so consumed with their art that it leads to intense anal!

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