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Boulder Boys

Cocksucker Gets Face Fucked By Two Men

Duration: 46m, 10s, Starring Brian, Lenny

(91 Votes)

Three cocks are better than two! These three dudes end up giving each others' some extremely hot cocksucking and jerk off action while they watch porn on the TV. At first the guys just masturbate side by side, taking care of their own fine pricks; then they reach over and start pumping each others' schlongs, enjoying each others masturbatory techniques. Things get even steamier when stud Lenny gets down on his knees and starts sucking the other two men; both of them get quite rough with him, grabbing him by the back of his cocksucking head and throatfucking him hard. He makes all kinds of extremely sexy gagging noises on those pricks!

Horny Young Guys Swap Sloppy Blowjobs

Duration: 12m, 6s, Starring Jason, Peter

(Not Rated)

Jason and Peter are sitting around watching the game, but both dudes are feeling fucking horny and they can't concentrate on the sports. Instead, what both of these fellas want to do is blow a load; so they quickly shrug off their pants and start jacking off side by side. At first it was just supposed to be a masturbation session, but then Peter licks his lips and wordlessly goes down on Jason, starting to deepthroat his dick and burying his nose in his friend's pubes. The guys end up swapping blowjobs, sucking each other off good - you can tell by the experienced way with which they work each others' dicks that they've done this before!

Rick Performs His First Sexy Ass Licking

Duration: 16m, 44s, Starring Lenny, Rick

(Not Rated)

Lenny and Rick are sitting around one day when they decide to get their cocks out to compare sizes. The two apparently straight guys end up stripping down to their birthday suits, jerking their dicks to a sizeable erection and showing them off to one another. The guys are just joking around at first, but they get hornier and hornier as they pump their dicks in front of each other; then Lenny bends over and flashes his dirty ass hole at Rick! Rick doesn't know what's come over him - all of a sudden he has an irresistible compulsion to lean forward and start licking Lenny's ass hole! It's his first rim job, but he is a natural ass licker!

White Guy Ass Banged By Latino In Shower

Duration: 18m, 52s, Starring Rick, Santana

(1 Vote)

Santana hears a moan from the bedroom next door, so he creeps to the doorway, peering through the crack. He sees that the source of the moaning is his Caucasian roommate Rick, who is lying buck naked on his bed and pumping his hard dick. Santana watches until Rick creams all over himself; then he disappears back into his own bedroom as Rick jumps into the shower. Rick is soaping up his spent cock when he hears Santana slip into the shower behind him; before he knows what's happening, Rick is being bent over and drilled right in his tight ass by Santana's massive Latino cock! The Spaniard stud has got a load that just has to be busted!

Pearly White Buttocks Split By Fat Cock

Duration: 11m, 52s, Starring Austin, Rick

(1 Vote)

This one gets straight into the hardcore ass pounding action with no mucking around! Austin has got a hunger for some anus, and so Rick is in for a painful afternoon! Austin bends his man over at the waist; for his part, Rick sticks out his tight white ass, his sphincter already pulsating in anticipation of the hardcore ass reaming to follow. Rick groans as Austin squeezes the head of his large dick in to his ring piece, quickly picking up the pace and spitting on his boyfriend's butt for added lubrication. He probably gets going a bit too quick - Rick's not used to taking it so hard and so fast, but he'll just have to learn!

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