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Bound and Blown

Blindfolded Dude Gets Sucked Off In The Middle Of A Porn Shop

Duration: 7m, 36s, Starring Dex, Junior

(Not Rated)

You can't beat a bit of public fetish sex! Junior heads down to his local gay sex store after hours, knowing that there are usually a bunch of guys cruising for a good time. He binds himself in to some straps attached to the roof, leaving him immobile with his pants pulled down. His cock and balls are hidden from view only by his tight white underpants! He is also blindfolded, not knowing who is walking around and staring at him in his vulnerability. Dex sees a fat cock waiting to be sucked, yanking down Junior's boxers and giving his dick a good licking. Soon it is rock hard, so Dex really gets down to business with his hungry mouth.

Handcuffed Anonymous Blow Job In Middle Of Public Sex Store

Duration: 6m, 25s, Starring Junior, Rayboy

(1 Vote)

It's anything goes in this dirtysex store! One dirtystud sees a crucifix arrangement with straps, so he decides to try it out, fastening his hands onto the stirrups. He finds himself completely mobile with other customers in the store the other men all watch him out of the corners of their eyes, daring each other to make a move. Finally one stud, his sunglasses and baseball cap on to hide his identity, kneels down in front of the handcuffed man, pulling down his pants and starting to work his hard meat. He gives the bound man a quick and nasty deepthroating right there in the store, swallowing every drop of his jizz.

Amazing Oral Slut Shows His Skills In Dirty Public Blow Job

Duration: 10m, 25s, Starring Junior, Mr. Ecks

(1 Vote)

Now these are some superb blow job techniques right here! Quite often when you get a random blow job, you never know what you're going to get - some guys are good, whilst some guys obviously have no idea! However, chubby stud Junior is always up for a gamble, tying himself up and blindfolding himself in the middle of a sex store. It doesn't take long for a horny cocksucker to pull down his pants and start working his pole Junior has no idea who it is, but that mouth certainly feels divine! The oral slut deepthroats like a pro, sliding his lips all the way down to the base of the dick until they meet the full, hairy ballsack.

Tied Up Stud Receives A Public Blow Job In Gay Sex Shop

Duration: 9m, 30s, Starring Junior, Nick

(3 Votes)

Chubby and submissive stud Junior heads down to his local sex store, knowing that he can always find a man to play with. He strips down his underpants, tying himself in to a crucifix set up in the middle of the store. He is also blindfolded, although he can hear the other customers moving around him. It takes a while for anyone to buck up the courage to deal to him, but then tattooed stud Nick yanks down his underpants, letting Junior's cock and balls spring out. It also reveals the fact that Junior has a cock ring around his testicles! Nick delivers a bareback blow job, quickly eliciting a mouthful of hot sperm from the tied up stud.

Rayboy Gives It To His Boy Jr In The Gym

Duration: 5m, 17s, Starring Junior, Rayboy

(Not Rated)

Rayboy has his buddy up on a St. Andrews cross, and he's going to be having a hell of a fun time with his friend. Junior can't do anything but sit there and take that cock sucking. This porn adventure is just going to keep getting hotter and hotter as it goes, especially since you don't get to see strong men being all helpless very often. Especially not when they're just going to keep getting sucked on until their bodies are shaking from the need and ache to cum, knowing that they're going to be moaning all the while.

Bound Man Gets His Pecker Slobbed By Another

Duration: 10m, 15s, Starring Junior, Mr. Ecks

(Not Rated)

Junior is the type of guy that just loves getting manhandled, and today he's not going to be able to do a damn thing about it. You see, he's getting tied up on a St. Andrews Cross and Mr. Ecks is going to be sucking that dick until he's blowing all over the place. It's a very intense experience that is going to leave you wanting more and more, and they're going to keep on going until every last bit of cum is out of those balls. It's the type of experience that you're never going to forget, especially if you think about it happening to you.

Chubby Bear Blindfolded And Blown In Middle Of Gay Sex Store

Duration: 7m, 53s, Starring Dex, Junior

(Not Rated)

This dirtyunderground gay sex clip gets straight into the action. Overweight stud Junior is tied up in the middle of a sex store, fully clothed and with a blindfold over his face. Tattooed and goatee wearing stud Dex walks towards him, running his hands all over the chubby bear's body and pulling down his pants and white y-fronts. Junior has got a silver cock and balls ring around his junk, making his dick even harder than normal! Dex proceeds to give him an absolutely superb blow job Junior doesn't have a particularly long pole, so Dex can take the entire length of it down his throat, tickling the balls while he does so.

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