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Boy Trade

Slavebare Is Hooded And Sucks Lycan's Cock

Duration: 15m, 56s, Starring Lycan, Slavebare

(Not Rated)

Slavebare is going to be put to the test today, as his master wants to make sure that he's perfectly behaved. Lycan is taking his slave around for a spin, making sure that he knows how to get up and down, as well as how to properly suck a dick. Once he's figured that out from his hot slave, he's going to be well pleased. There's nothing quite like watching this hooded man taking a dick to the face, getting all hot and bothered as he's getting worked up horribly. He really wants a release but he has no idea whether he's getting it or not.

Submissive Slave Has An Ass Hole Rubbed All Over His Mouth

Duration: 12m, 56s, Starring Lycan, Slavebare

(1 Vote)

Lovers of both dominant and submissive action will get something out of this dirtyfetish video! Lycan is tied up in the basement of this sex store, completely naked apart from a pair of white underpants he has also got a black leather fetish mask tied over his face! Although he can see, he can barely breathe, with the leather covering his nose. He is completely disciplined by his Master Slavebare, who vigorously bangs his slave in the butt and jerks his little prick. It's not just his fingers and toys that go into Lycan's ass - it's his hard cock as well! He also sits down hard on Lycan's face, asking a nasty rim job.

Blindfolded Submissive Blow Job In Late-Night Porn Shop

Duration: 15m, 24s, Starring Lycan, Shadow, Slavebare

(Not Rated)

If you've ever been to a sex shop, you know that all kinds of filthy things go down late at night! The owners in behind the counter when two submissive cocksuckers come in, obviously eager for some meat to feast on. One of the guys is especially willing, pulling his own beanie down over his eyes so that he can't see as the owner pushes him to his knees, sticking his cock into the oral slut's throat. He fucks the guy right in the mouth whilst the third man gets down behind, cupping the owner's ballsack while his submissive buddy keeps on blowing. It turns in to quite a rough throatfucking, with plenty of nasty sucking and gagging sounds!

He Holds A Nude Man's Penis And Started To Kiss Him

Duration: 17m, 3s, Starring Shadow, Slavebare

(Not Rated)

Shadow and Slavebane are going to be having one hell of a good time together, with Slavebane getting a hood put on him and worked around the room. His master knows exactly what buttons to push to really drive him crazy, especially when he wants to start slapping that ass around. It's a rather hot and wild time to watch them together, especially when you have an idea of just how hot all of that has to be in Slavebane's mind. It's an intense mindfuck that is going to make you go fucking insane with desire.

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