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Young Chap Gets His First Time Anal Fuck

Duration: 17m, 41s, Starring Adam Kubick, Dominik Trojan, Mark Zebro, Sebastian Stone, Thomas Dyke

(8 Votes)

A lucky young queer finds himself getting seduced in his own bedroom. This young chap is inexperienced in the ways of homosexual lust, and so when his older friend begins to stroke his butt and his balls, he does nothing to resist. He feels himself stirring and growing hard in his pants. The older boy pulls down his trousers, reaching around to stroke his buddy's cock and then licking his ass hole from behind. Soon the guy finds himself being penetrated from the back, groaning as he gets stretched out anally for the very first time, losing his anal virginity to a ribald and virile stud. He finds that he wants it real bad!

Hot Gay Anal Scene In Seedy Night Club

Duration: 15m, 19s, Starring Adam Kubick, Dominik Trojan, Sebastian Stone, Thomas Dyke

(1 Vote)

This hot gay anal episode begins with two horny gay boys getting it on in the corner of the club. These dudes can't wait to get into it, kissing each other passionately and tearing at each others' clothes. The more dominant male bends his buddy over on a seat, licking his anus from the back and getting it nice and wet for his cock. The man on the bottom squeals as he gets penetrated, his tiny booty hole unaccustomed to having such a giant object inside it. The dominant man gives him a damn good pumping, holding him firmly in position so that he can't move, stuffing the bottom fucker to take it just how daddy likes it.

Horny Gay Handjob Action In The Shower

Duration: 10m, 22s, Starring Adam Kubick, Dominik Trojan

(2 Votes)

This hot homosexual sex scene begins with two good-looking studs waking up on the bed together. They have just experienced a night of unbridled passion, and they wake each other up with some steamy French kissing. One guy goes to jump in the shower, washing off his penis, which is filthy from the activities of the night before. Then his buddy comes in, joining him in the shower. They both soap each other up, rubbing each other's assholes and penises. They stand there looking romantically into each others' eyes as they jerk each other off, stroking each others' hard poles rhythmically and furiously, splashing each other with their loads.

Blond Cutie Gets Surprise Outdoor Anal

Duration: 14m, 30s, Starring Adam Kubick, Dominik Trojan, Otto Jordan, Patrick Veselsky

(1 Vote)

Two horny European gays go for a romantic walk in the woods. There is no one around, and passion overcomes them. The more dominant of the two is the brunette, while the blond is an eager cocksucker who loves to get fucked. The brunette throws the blond guy down to the ground, where he lands awkwardly on all fours with his ass stuck up in the air. Not missing a beat, the brunette pulls the blond's trousers down around his ankles, spitting on his anus and giving it a quick fingering before he ploughs in with his erect cock. The blond guy isn't used to such rough and abrupt treatment, groaning as his poor ass hole is almost split open.

Three Gays Sodomize A Cute Young Thing

Duration: 25m, 16s, Starring Daniel Gero, Dominik Trojan, Otto Jordan, Patrick Veselsky, Thomas Dyke

(3 Votes)

A horny gay gets used as a fuck slut and cum receptacle by three other boys in this hardcore institutional sex scene. It's art class, and the three studs manage to convince the young bitch to pose nude for them, ostensibly for the sake of art. However, when the young lad is completely nude the boys abandon their artwork, gathering around to fuck him. They laugh at him as he grows erect as they stroke his cock and balls, grabbing his buttocks and treating him like a whore. All the boys get nude, bending the young chap over and fucking him in the ass one by one while he pathetically jerks himself off. His ass gets filled with cum.

Eager Gay Threesome Out In The Woods

Duration: 20m, 49s, Starring Mark Zebro, Marty Drogba, Patrick Veselsky, Thomas Dyke

(1 Vote)

Three gay guys are going for a walk in the forest when they stop for some hot suck and fuck action in a clearing. One guy leans back against a tree, pulling out his cock, which is extremely large and hard. The other two men marvel for a moment before they dive straight down, licking and sucking furiously. Everyone gets nude and takes a turn sucking a cock or two, and then one guy bends over to gets spit roasted. He squeals around the cock in his mouth while he gets sodomised - what a horny fuck slut! To conclude the scene, the first man sits back, masturbating while the other two gentlemen jerk themselves off all over his sexy chest.

Cute Gay Couple Give Blowjobs In Park

Duration: 11m, 13s, Starring Kristof Cortez, Patrick Veselsky

(2 Votes)

This hot young gay couple are going for a walk in a beautiful park in the city in which they live. It's a lovely autumn setting, with red and orange leaves on the trees and falling to the ground. As they walk through the bushes, staring romantically into one another's eyes, they feel overpowered with desire. One guy drops to his knees, pulling his buddy behind a hedge and beginning to suck him off. At first he looks around furtively, trying to predict whether someone is about to walk past or not, but soon he loses himself in his oral passion. Both guys give each other fantastic oral service, getting a mouthful of semen for their trouble.

College Gay Boys Have Hot Anal Fucking

Duration: 10m, 12s, Starring Kristof Cortez, Patrick Veselsky

(2 Votes)

If you like your boys young, sweet and athletic, you're going to dig this hot episode! It begins with two extremely attractive and well built college age gays playing with each other on the bed. Both of them are wearing firm boxer briefs, and you can see their great booties and thick manhoods clearly outlined against the revealing fabric. They have a game of mock wrestling, with one stud bearing down on top of the other and exerting his will. All of a sudden, he works his own boxer shorts off, tearing at his buddy's underpants and stuffing his legs apart. He drives his stiff penis right up inside him, spearing him and making him groan.

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