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Gay Latino Shower Fucking Action

Duration: 24m, 11s, Starring Diogo Salomao, Rocco Brazil

(5 Votes)

I don't know about you, but I love watching ethnic gay porn so I'm certainly happy to see this kind of scene. Rocco Brazil starts off by showering, although I have to say he totally needs to tan naked. That is one lily white ass for a Latino man. Diogo Salomao joins him shortly after, taking in his sexy wet body and deciding that he needs to fuck the hell out of him. They end up fucking right in the middle of the shower, bouncing up and down on his dick and loving the way it stretches him right out.

Latino Gay Threesome on the Couch

Duration: 22m, 16s, Starring Bruno Meneguel, Lucas Rocha, Ricardo Montenegro

(1 Vote)

Ricardo Monteblack, Lucas Rocha, and Bruno Memeguel love to spend a lot of time together - especially when that time means they get to fuck each other. They are in one wild threesome together, although it's just the first two for a little bit. Once the third guy joins them it reaches a whole nother level, especially when they have one guy in the middle with a dick in his ass, and another guy sucking dick. It's the hottest thing that I think I have ever seen, and these Latinos are just fucking amazing.

Sexy Gay Latinos Buttfucking Outside

Duration: 17m, 42s, Starring Elcio Boni, Marco Axel

(Not Rated)

If I lived in Brazil, I could probably go for more outdoor sex. It is just damn cold where I live. Marco Axel and Elcio Boni have a blanket that they spread out to lay down on, their dicks ready and willing to go into action during this gay fuck fest. They aren't all that private - it honestly looks like a little park than anything else, so that means that someone could come along at any time. That would be a hot scene to stumble in on, especially when they get bent over for some fierce and fast assfucking.

Hot Latino Guys Fucking Outdoors

Duration: 20m, 23s, Starring Lucas Rocha, Victor Palhares

(Not Rated)

Lucas Rocha and Victor Palhares appreciate the finer things in life, and that doesn't necessarily mean anything big and complicated. Right now they are just enjoying the outdoors together, watching the sun slowly set. Of course the only reason they are up there is to have a private spot to fuck each other, but that's not a bad thing at all. I love watching them outlined by the sky as they embrace, but then they walk down some natural rock stairs to get some privacy to strip down and fuck. Now that's damn hot.

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