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Brazilian Heatwave

Latino Dude With A Body Like A Statue

Duration: 11m, 35s, Starring Cezar Brandao

(Not Rated)

It's a blazingly hot day, so fantastically good-looking stud Cezar decides to take an outdoor shower. Your jaw will drop to the floor as he pulls open his towel, revealing a body that looks like it belongs on a Greek statue. He's also got the package to match, with a long, thick cock and balls that will make your mouth water. He drenches himself in the outdoor shower, proceeding to lie down in the shade and stroke himself off. Your dick will be ready to explode as you watch this stud pump himself to a huge orgasm, spraying both himself and the surrounding area with a torrent of his jizz. This is one seriously God-like male!

Hairy Stud Jacks Off On A Pool Table

Duration: 6m, 57s, Starring Luiz Cosolo

(Not Rated)

Sometimes when you've got to masturbate, you just can't wait! Young stud Luiz is playing a game of pool by himself in the recreation center when none of the other boys are around. Maybe it's holding that long, hard pool cue that gets him excited, but he takes a quick look around and, seeing that there is no one else in the building, he strips off his shirt and jeans, lying against the corner of the pool table and pumping his thick cock. He's slightly hairy, with a thick matting of pubic hair above his schlong, and you'll love watching him pump himself to be a scintillating and splattering jizz explosion. This muscle stud is seriously hot!

Muscle Stud Jerks Himself In The Sauna

Duration: 5m, 28s, Starring Diego Goncalues

(Not Rated)

Diego is a young and extremely well built Brazilian stud with a nice thick cock and a great head of hair. At the health club after he has taken a shower, he wraps a small towel around his genitals and heads into the sauna. He starts to relax, but there's a twitching between his thighs that has to be attended to! He quickly hitches up the towel, revealing a clean shaved cock that is already erect. He starts to pump himself off with one hand, slouching back on his seat and admiring his own shaft as he wanks himself off. All of a sudden he shoots, dribbling out his load all over his own towel and causing a nasty, sticky mess!

Clean-Shaven Latino Jizzes On Himself

Duration: 8m, 14s, Starring Giovanni Lucca

(Not Rated)

When he sees that there is no one else in the locker room, clean-shaven Latino bad boy Giovanni takes the opportunity to quickly rub one out. He takes off his studly leather jacket and pants, starting to stroke his thick cock. This guy has got a beefy, muscular body with great abdominal muscles; that dick is also divine! He pumps himself off quick, looking around suspiciously to make sure that no one is about to walk in on him as he thrashes one out. He shoots his load all over his own thighs, also covering his hands and causing a thick matting of jizz in his own pubic hair. He rubs his dirty sperm into his own skin.

Latino Carlo Masturbates In The Shower

Duration: 7m, 24s, Starring Carlo Morales

(Not Rated)

We first see good-looking stud Carlo as he is finishing his shower. The hot water trickles down his muscular, hairy body in an extremely erotic fashion, heading straight towards his crotch! Carlo looks down at his thick meat hanging between his thighs and starts to play with himself, stroking his shaft until he is rock hard with his erection pointing to the ceiling. He proceeds to pump himself off, completely naked and standing in the shower cubicle; he adopts a sensational squatting position so that you can really see his crack and balls as he strokes his dick. He cums messily onto the floor and then cleans off his dribbling schlong.

Muscular Latino Stud Pumps Off Big Cock

Duration: 9m, 10s, Starring Angelo Mencia

(Not Rated)

Good-looking and muscular Latino stud Angelo is about to show you what he is hiding underneath his y-fronts! He sits down on a small wooden chair, peeling off his black underpants and revealing a thick and meaty cock. He's got a fantastic schlong to go along with that glistening, muscular body! He starts to stroke himself off, holding his shaft at the base with one hand while he pumps the head with the other. Part way through he bends over and shows off his clean shaved asshole along with his scrotum as he continues to masturbate. Finally he spunks himself off, shooting a small dribble of warm sperm onto the ground.

Latin Stud Masturbates Onto The Floor

Duration: 7m, 25s, Starring Paulo Rodrigues

(Not Rated)

This Brazilian solo male video is extremely masculine and extremely sexy! Tattooed and muscular stud Paulo starts off in his workshop, working over his bench. It's extremely hot, so he peels off his singlet to begin with, exposing his rippling muscles, and then he takes off his pants, showing a tight butt from the back. He bends over the bench as he jacks himself off, rubbing his prick against the hard wooden surface. You get some great shots from the rear, capturing his swollen cock and ball sacks along with this tight ass hole. Then he swings around, showing off his muscles once again as he pumps himself off all over the workshop floor.

Sexy Latino Guy Rene Jacks Himself Off

Duration: 6m, 44s, Starring Rene Silva

(Not Rated)

If you love gorgeous brown skinned guys, you'll go crazy for muscular Latino stud Rene Silva. This guy is possessed of both a gorgeous face and a sensational body; he's the perfect mix of toned and muscular. He is also possessed of an almost perfect cock in his pants! It is long, thick and perfectly formed, not to mention rock hard. Rene strokes it to a sensational erection in this video, looking romantically into the lens as he pumps his shaft with one hand. He starts off slow and picks up pace, eventually letting loose a torrent of hot Latina sperm. Wouldn't you love to be servicing that rock hard prick with your mouth?

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