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Euro Stud Hooks Up With Two Brazilians

Duration: 20m, 5s, Starring Chad Calvin, Jorge Gomez, Manuel de Bryto

(Not Rated)

A blond European tourist is walking along the beach in South America, enjoying looking at the bronzed bodies of the other beach goers. He meets two especially good-looking young men, working out and doing situps on the beach. He can't help but stop and stare at their rock hard abdominal muscles. He is surprised when he is approached by the two studs, who seem friendly and eager to meet an English-speaking man. He accompanies them back to their apartment, where they all get naked and have a sexy oral threesome. The two Latino studs go down on their new friend, and then everyone take turns fucking everyone else in the ass hole.

Sexy Brown Skin Splattered With Semen

Duration: 24m, 25s, Starring Chad Calvin, Luis de Pavia, Manuel Jacques

(1 Vote)

Two South American navy guys hook up with a Caucasian stud one night when they are off duty. They go back to the white guy's house, where he sucks off both of these Latino studs. They say there's nothing hotter than a man in uniform! After the oral introductions, the more submissive of the two navy guys bends over and gets spit roasted, the white guy's cock in his mouth and his fellow navy man's penis in his ass hole. The navy guy who's doing the ass fucking keeps his cap on the whole time, so you can see who's boss. Three cum explosions conclude this excellent gay anal clip. It's so hot seeing brown skin splattered with white cum!

Young Man In First Interracial Spitroast

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Chad Calvin, Francisco de Noronha, Symao Reynell

(Not Rated)

A Caucasian tourist in South America and his new Latino boyfriend are taking a romantic stroll through the city. They meet a good-looking guy selling fruit in the market. They are not interested in his melons or his bananas, but they invite the stud back to the house to relax in the afternoon heat. They start passing round a few gay porno mags, and the fruit seller's thick erection is clearly visible in his shorts. Without further ado, the euro guy pulls that cock out of the young man's pants and begins to suck. Everyone has a turn sucking everyone else's cock and then the young man takes a hardcore spit roasting from the other two studs.

Tourist Roots Young South American Stud

Duration: 17m, 40s, Starring Chad Calvin, Thomas Lourenco

(1 Vote)

This lucky European stud is walking around the streets of this exotic South American city. He is strolling on the beach when he meets up with a good-looking younger Latino man. The couple stroll romantically through the marketplace, looking at shops and buying curios. They retire back to the tourist's hotel room, where they begin to erotically feed one another morsels that they picked up at the market. Soon they are sticking their fingers into each others' mouths and slurping just like it was a cock. This turns in to hardcore oral sex, following followed by the European roughly sodomising the younger South American male.

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