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Brazilians Do It Better 3

Antonio Fucks Chad On A Rainy Day

Duration: 20m, 34s, Starring Antonio De Capos, Chad Calvin

(Not Rated)

Oh no, it's starting to rain! And soccer stud Antonio is about to get drenched in the alley. Luckily, Chad was there to rescue him, and called him up to his place to ride out the storm. But what else are two strapping guys going to do on a rainy day? Chad had an idea; getting Antonio to fill him up with that big cock of his. He made it as hard as it could get first by plunging it all the way down his throat, tickling his tonsils with his swollen head. They went to the bathroom and fucked all over the place, making it to the sink and having Chad bend over to take it all the way down his ass until he milked it dry all over his butt.

Young Lad Ass Pounded By Army Hard Man

Duration: 16m, 46s, Starring Chad Calvin, Gaspar de Loronha, Thomas Lourenco

(1 Vote)

This young lad gets a visit at home from a good-looking army recruiter. Little does the recruiter know, but this boy has no intention of joining the army, he just wants to get banged in his booty hole! The recruiter is somewhat surprised when the young stud leads him in to the bathroom, but he realises that he knows what the score is when the young man gets on his knees. The recruiter erotically sticks his shaft down the young stud's throat, making him gag and choke on that rock hard schlong. Then he bends his young bitch over, ramming him hard in the backside hole and making him moan as he pounds his tight rear end. Don't miss this hot gay sex scene!

Hot Guys Fuck Hard In The Bathroom

Duration: 21m, 10s, Starring Antonio Correa, Chad Calvin

(Not Rated)

The beach is always a nice way to get to know one another. And for Chad and Antonio, they get to know each other really well while they're jogging on the sand. In fact, they like what they hear so much that they immediately go back to Chad's place to clean up. But it's only to get dirty again, because Chad is waiting for him when he gets out of the shower, opening his mouth for his just washed dick. After sucking his meat pole until it's swollen, Chad bends over in the bathroom for every last inch of his dick to push inside his colon, getting the butt banging of a lifetime while stroking his own dick, before they both cum on him.

Four Studs Gang Up On A Tight Asshole

Duration: 37m, 22s, Starring Balhasar Lelte, Chad Calvin, Leon Paiva, Rodrigo de Crasto, Thomas Lourenco

(3 Votes)

Four horny Brazilians team up on one poor blond guy's ass hole in this hardcore gay anal gangbang. The guys are sitting around thinking, and it comes out that the blond guy has only just come out. He is inexperienced in the ways of gay sex, and the four other studs are determined to show him a thing or two. The blond guy sucks all the other guys off, and then he gets bent over and fucked in his ass. The other three guys sit around on the couch, watching and masturbating while the blond guy gets his tight rectum stretched out by multiple big dicks. All four guys cum on the chap's back, leaving it splattered with a thick sheet of semen.

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