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Breaking the Rules

Two Down Home Hunks Trying Out Gay

Duration: 17m, 52s, Starring Alex Junior, Mendes

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Alex Junior and Mendes are your typical guys next door, but it turns out that they aren't so typical after all. They are looking to try something different, and you don't get much different than settling in for a hot gay sex session. It really doesn't take that long to get them talked into it - and they also seem to be getting right in on the action. Their pants come off first, and this Latino pair really savor looking at the way those cocks slowly slide out. Then they go for the kill, taking those cocks in their mouths and fucking some ass.

Cock Hungry Guy Gets Ass Filled With Cum

Duration: 20m, 43s, Starring Estefano Carioca, Ken Masters

(Not Rated)

A cock crazed homosexual has been admiring the stud in his door for quite some time. He sees the stud lying on his bed, idly stroking his cock, and the submissive guy begs him for dick. Finally the better looking stud relents, letting the cock hungry guy suck him off. Gleefully, the sex starved chap swallows his friend's dick whole, burying his nose in his buddy's pubes. Once his friend is rock hard, he eases his anus down on his shaft, bouncing up and down so that the stud doesn't have to do anything to penetrate his sphincter. The guy is so horny that he keeps on grinding the prick until it's shoots in his ass, filling it with spunk.

Young Dude Sucks Off His Brother's Buddy

Duration: 18m, 14s, Starring Daniel Join, Diego

(Not Rated)

A young guy is sitting on his bed when his brother's hot friend walks in. The young guy has been admiring the older stud for quite some time, always trying to be in the same room to catch a glimpse of those firm pecs or that tight ass underneath those jeans. The older stud is not blind and has noticed the young man's attention, and finally he decides to seize this opportunity to get himself some ass. The younger man is thrilled to be able to give the object of his desire a long and sloppy blowjob, followed up by offering up his own ass to get fucked. He swallows a thick load of cum to conclude this hardcore gay anal sex scene.

Horny Guys Have Secret Anal Sex Session

Duration: 17m, 50s, Starring Allan, Apollo

(Not Rated)

These two college guys hook up on an upstairs couch when they think that no one is looking. They come from an extremely conservative fraternity where homosexuality is deeply frowned upon, and they are terrified that their lust for each other will be discovered. They are taking a mighty risk by getting dirty right where anyone could walk along, but they don't care - they just want cock! The guys get naked, and one guy shoves his prick into the other's mouth, who eagerly sucks it down to the base. Then the cocksucker lies on his back, spreading his legs and lifting his cock and balls out of the way to provide easy access to his sphincter.

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