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Two Horny Guys Get Down And Dirty

Duration: 24m, 59s, Starring Andy Smith, Tony Keen

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Tony Keen and Andy Smith wasted no time getting into the action. As they kissed they peeled each other's clothes off and started stroking each other's cocks. Tony sucked on Andy's balls while he jacked off then the guys rolled over into a 69 for some double sucking fun. Tony needed more so he pulled Andy down on top of him and sank his meat shank into Andy's ass. He let him ride before putting him face down on the bed and drilling him hard from behind. The guys rolled around the bed fucking like wild then traded sticky facials as they came in each other's mouths.

Eager Sucker Knows How To Pump The Cock

Duration: 24m, 32s, Starring Alex Russian, Jamie Lee

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Sometimes you just came across a guy who really knows how to work that dick! When these two guys start kissing and fondling with each other, it's anyone's guess who is going to end up top and who is going to be the bottom. However, one of the guys, with short hair and a rather queer looking earing, makes a beeline for his buddy's cock, swallowing him right down to the base - and it's a big dick, too! Then he really gets it rough in his butt, first in doggy style and later bouncing on the dick while his buddy lies on his back, looking up at his new found boyfriend in amazement. The horny cocksucker swallows every drop of semen.

Lewd Young Dudes Hook Up For Hot Anal

Duration: 24m, 39s, Starring Kyle Martin, Ricky Jackson

(8 Votes)

Two hot British guys hook up at the gay club. They are horny as hell and they need some rough, anonymous sex! In a surprise turn of events, the taller, more muscular and more masculine looking guy turns out to be the submissive one! He is more or less passive in the scene, as his shorter and more queer looking friend enthusiastically sucks his dick and licks his asshole. Then the aggressor bends the taller man over and rams his penis right up his tender ass! There are some awesome shots looking at the fuck session from the rear and you get to see both full ball sacks slapping together during the savage anal pounding.

Cum Hungry Guy Roughly Anally Drilled

Duration: 24m, 44s, Starring Jamie Lee, Paul Tomlinson

(2 Votes)

Frequently, British people have a reputation for being uptight. Not so with these two hot young guys; they are up for anything, as nasty as they can make it! Keeping the action to the bed, they both strip and reveal a couple of hot bods. These guys obviously spend a lot of time at the gym! The oral sex goes both ways as they 69, and then one guy bends over, ready for a butt fucking. Although his friend is well hung, this guy takes the dick in his sphincter with ease; either he has taken it up the ass many times before, or the fellas are using some kind of magic lubricant! The anal is savage and balls deep, and he really gets it good.

Three Guys Have A Hardcore Threesome

Duration: 25m, 41s, Starring Jon Janes, Ricky Jackson, Will Forbes

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Jon Janes, Will Forbes and Ricky Jackson were all horny and ready to go. As soon as the door to the bedroom was shut they were yanking each other's clothes off and started sucking on each other's dicks. They got naked fast and traded blowjobs until all three guys were throbbing and hard. The hardcore action kicked into high gear as Jon drilled Will from behind while he sucked on Ricky's dick. They guys swapped spots as the took turns pounding on each other. Once everyone had fucked, and gotten fucked they three guys traded sticky facials as they came one after the other.

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