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Cades Anal Awakening

Young Muscle Stud Taught To Suck Cock

Duration: 22m, 37s, Starring Cade Devilin, Sam

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Now Cade is getting confident and even a little bit cocky when it comes to gay sex. He's been fucked in the ass a few times, and he thinks he's a pro. However, there's one thing that is sadly lacking in his sexual repertoire - he can't suck a dick properly! As every gay man knows, if you can't give a good blow job, then you are no good in the sack. If only your ass is good, then why should you make your partner do all the work? However, older stud Sam resolutely instructs his young protege on how to give good head, setting down the camera and kneeling in front of the big cock young man, sucking him until he creams right in his mouth.

Young Cade Learns To Love Anal Screwing

Duration: 20m, 22s, Starring Cade Devilin, Sam

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After his surprise first anal experience with older stud Sam, young military buck Cade is ready to experiment with more anal penetration. He strips and shows off his beefy body as he kneels on all fours on the bed for his bald headed daddy. Sam gets in behind him, giving him a luxurious and lingering rim job, flickering all around the sensitive anus with his tongue and then inserting the tip right inside the sphincter! Soon young Cade is panting for the dick, and he pushes his ass back against his man's meat, wilfully impaling himself on the stiff old cock. He even tentatively starts to ride the older man for the first time!

Young Buck Handcuffed And Butt Fucked

Duration: 34m, 26s, Starring Cade Devilin, Sam

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Young military stud Cade is about to get his ass broken in for the first time by shaven headed daddy Sam. Cade is inexperienced in matters of gay sex, so he needs a veteran teacher to show him the ropes - but he is unexpectedly going to go all the way tonight! Caught up in the moment, he strips with the shaven headed stud, who pushes him down onto the bed and whips out a pair of handcuffs, binding Cade's hands behind his back before he can say no. Cade grunts, burying his face in the duvet as his ass gets fingered and then fucked by the nasty older man, who doesn't stop until he has filled the young buck's ass with a torrent of hot cream.

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