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Campus Pick-up

Two College Guys Have Anal In Dorm Room

Duration: 24m, 23s, Starring Joe, Martin

(Not Rated)

If you get a couple of randy college studs in a dorm room alone together, who knows what is going to happen? In this scene, an older and more experienced homosexual takes a young twink home, eager to show him a thing or two about anal sex. The guys retire to the bedroom and get naked, sucking each others' dicks. It takes a little while for the younger man to get the hang of blowing his partner, but he shows some promise with his oral skills. Then the twink bends over with his ass stuck up in the air while his buddy spits on his ring piece, sliding one finger and then two right up inside. Of course, he follows this with his hard cock!

French College Boys Have Intense Anal

Duration: 27m, 29s, Starring Guillaume, Michael

(Not Rated)

After a hard day of studying, these two hot French students go home for an even harder fuck! One guy holds his buddy down on the bed and they kiss each other enthusiastically, with plenty of close-ups of mouth on mouth action. The blowjobs go both ways, but one of the guys has a hairy and stinking anus and his buddy demands that he wash it before he gets fucked. The guys disappear into the shower, and the dude with the dirty ass gets soaped up and washed by his attentive friend. Only then do they go back into the bedroom, with the man having his ring piece licked and then fucked by his dominant pal. This is some really intense anal!

These Guys Would Rather Fuck Than Study

Duration: 21m, 21s, Starring Danny, Tommy

(Not Rated)

A couple of hot young guys meet at university, going home with each other to help one another study. They sit down on the couch and open their textbooks, but one of the guys has other ideas in his mind, placing a friendly arm around his buddy's shoulders. Soon the textbooks are on the ground as the guys kiss each other, pulling off their T-shirts and then trousers. They rub their dicks together and exchange blowjobs before the leader bends over, begging for dick. At first his buddy is nervous but the sight of that tight brown starfish is too much to resist! He spits on the anus and then slowly slides his cock inside, beginning to thrust.

Gay Study Buddies Would Rather Fuck Hard

Duration: 14m, 31s, Starring Bryan, Marion

(Not Rated)

Which would you rather do: study or fuck? There's really only one answer to that question, at least if you're a red blooded male who loves dick! This guy is trying to study in his dorm room when his young room mate comes and puts a hand on his shoulders, beginning to give him an erotic back rub. Soon all thoughts of studying are abandoned and the guys pull off each other's clothes, enthusiastically swallowing each others' dribbling pricks. These guys might be young but they have obviously been around the block a few times, swallowing each other like pros and then banging each other hard in the ass. They don't stop until they have both cum!

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