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Chtopcy Fantomowcy

Porn Session Causes Hot Real Life Anal

Duration: 27m, 59s, Starring Kayden Cribly, Raiden, Tommy Madison

(Not Rated)

Although these handsome young studs start off watching porn, the sex that they end up having in the living room is so much hotter! Tommy and Kayden are watching a video and getting aroused; they reach over and start rubbing each others' pricks. Then they get naked, lying side by side on the sofa as they jerk each other off and this turns in to some suckjob fun. Just as they are getting started with the anal, their roommate Raiden walks in, demanding a piece of fun. The more the merrier, so the guys jerk, suck and fuck each other for the rest of the movie. The porno on the TV is completely forgotten - real life anal is so much more fun!

Massage Therapist Swallows Jizz Mouthful

Duration: 21m, 51s, Starring Brandon Hills, Pete Palmes, Steve Tresco

(1 Vote)

When it comes to erotic relief at a great price, you can't beat a traditional message. This stud lies on the massage table face down, feeling the tension melt away as his muscular and good-looking masseur kneads away the knots in his back. Of course, the massage is completely nude - and that goes for the masseur as well! The stud soon has a bristling erection, so when he rolls over, the therapist lowers his face to his groin, licking and sucking. By the end of the movie, the sexy masseur is bent over his own table, getting screwed hard in the ass. Because it's a professional setting there is a condom, although the masseur still swallows.

Three Dudes Suck Each Others' Hot Asses

Duration: 34m, 18s, Starring Julian Forte, Kyle Shocks, Smitty Leafield

(1 Vote)

Rim jobs, cocksucking, group anal sex - it's all here in this intense homosexual threesome! Three hot young guys are sitting around on a Friday evening watching some porn, their arms around each others' bodies; of course, they can't just watch - they have to live out their nasty fantasies with one another! At first the guys just play with each others' dicks, jerking and sucking a little bit, but they can't just leave it there. Soon they are tonguing each others' tender ass holes, making each other moan and gasp - the camera gets in close, leaving nothing to the imagination! And once the asses are wet and lubricated, anal sex is mandatory!

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