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Chuck's Big Bash

Dick Bashman Jerks Himself In The Shower

Duration: 4m, 22s, Starring Chuck Partyman, Dick Bashman

(Not Rated)

This black and white gay porn movie begins with a hot nude shower scene featuring slender, long haired stud Chuck Partyman. He soaps himself up good, paying special attention to his tender cock and balls. He jumps out of the shower at the sound of the phone - it's his good buddy, older stud Dick Bashman. He invites the older dude round to his house, but before he gets down and dirty with Dick, he insists that Dick take a shower. Dick jumps in to the bathroom, soaping himself up in similar fashion and going even further with his cock. He loves the feeling of hot water on his shaft, and the soap makes the perfect lubricant for him to wank!

Depressed Roommate Just Needs Some Cock

Duration: 13m, 43s, Starring Chuck Partyman, Dick Bashman

(Not Rated)

Brunette stud Dick is concerned about his young blond roommate Chuck. Early in the morning before work, Dick walks out of the bathroom wearing a towel to see Chuck lying naked on the bed, completely depressed. However, it turns out that there is an easy remedy - Chuck just needs a good cock to suck on! Dick lies down on the bed next to him and feeds him his prick, with Chuck eagerly going down on his growing member. The oral goes both ways, and these horny homosexuals even tongue each others' assholes in their quest to get off. They have a sweet cuddle at the end, after Dick has cummed in Chuck's mouth and has has swallowed the load.

Hot Mutual Gay Oral Sex And Ass Fucking

Duration: 15m, 28s, Starring Chuck Partyman, Dick Bashman

(Not Rated)

The centerpoint of this vintage gay porn movie is some erotic sex between studs Chuck Partyman and Dick Bashman. The two guys get naked on the bed and start play fighting, wrestling with each other an erotic tug of war. However, unlike regular wrestling, where the objective is to pin your opponent, these guys are both trying to get the other fellow's mouth down towards their cocks! The two guys end up sucking each other, Chucked taking first cocksucking duties and then getting paid back by Dick. Then the guys take turns fucking each other in the butt, giving each other a painful anal gaping that will leave them walking funny for a week.

Horny Cum Swallower Gets The Man Juice

Duration: 13m, 26s, Starring Chuck Partyman, Dick Bashman

(Not Rated)

Although this gay porn movie might be over 50 years old and black and white, that doesn't stop it from being totally hardcore and completely uncensored! Without much introduction we see studs Dick Bashman and Chuck Partyman relaxing together on the sofa. Dick leans over and starts to suck on Chuck's fat cock, swallowing that penis right down to the base. Dick attaches a penis pump to Chuck's cock, squeezing it until the erection is absolutely enormous. Then he goes back to his sucking duties, and there's a fantastic ejaculation close up - you see the spunk gushing on to Dick's open mouth. You can't beat cum swallowing like that!

Two Studs Ride A White Guy's Asshole

Duration: 9m, 37s, Starring Chuck Partyman, Dick Bashman, Harry Knowles

(Not Rated)

This hardcore gay threesome features classic studs Harry Knowles, Chuck Partyman and Dick Bashman in an extreme all-male orgy that will have your cock popping! At first we see a close up of one man lying on his stomach, his face obscured from view, while on top another dude is rampantly pounding his butt! The guy on the bottom gets his sphincter stretched to epic proportions by the big dick stud on top. As the camera pans back we see there is another man in the scene, watching and jerking his own cock, waiting for his turn to ride that sweet white butt. Eventually the guys swap over, taking turns hammering this dude's ass hole like crazy.

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