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Ciao Bello 1 - Sex In Milan

These Guys Love Early Morning Anal Sex

Duration: 17m, 9s, Starring Marcos Ricci, Pablo Picaco

(Not Rated)

After a hot night of suck and fuck action, these two good-looking guys wakeup on the bed next to one another. They stare longingly and lovingly into each other's eyes, reminiscing about the passionate sex that occurred last night. What better way is there to maintain the passion in a new relationship than to fuck as much as possible? After some more kissing the guys go down on one another, jerking and sucking each others' dicks in a hot tangle of arms and legs. Once the 69 action has sated them, they move on to anal, fucking each other firmly in the ass. These egalitarian gays go back and forth, making sure that each man has pleasure.

Dirty Gay Anal After Nice Clean Shower

Duration: 18m, 22s, Starring Massimiliano, Max

(Not Rated)

This hot gay sex clip begins with a sexy European man taking a shower. The camera pans up and down his fine, toned body as he soaps up his bod from head to toe, including his muscular chest, toned arms and thick cock swinging between his legs. After he is nice and clean and he has washed away the stink from his groin, his buddy joins him in the bathroom. Although the guy is feeling clean, he can't resist when his buddy drops to his knees and begins to suck his cock! Not stopping there, the cocksucker bends over against the wall and offers up his ass up for a good fucking. He gets a really savage drilling, screaming as he gets sodomised.

Sexy Italian Gay Guys in Foursome

Duration: 21m, 37s, Starring Carlos Morales, Marcoliz, Marcos Ricci, Yoria

(Not Rated)

You know what's better than one hot Italian gay guy? Four of them in one intense fucking orgy. Carlos Morales, Marcoliz, Marcos Ricci, and Yoria decide that a foursome is one of the best ways they can get together. I know it's certainly damn entertaining as they are overwhelmed by all of the holes getting shoved right in their faces. There is so much great dick here too and that's going to make you want to just bust a nut right away as well. Before long they end up covered in cum and are loving every last second of it.

Guy Fucked Hard Over Kitchen Counter

Duration: 10m, 17s, Starring Marcos, Massimiliano

(Not Rated)

In this hot European sex scene, two guys have an extremely passionate fuck right there in the kitchen. It's early in the morning and the guys are flicking through a few magazines, when the longer haired, more submissive man of the two drops to his knees and begins fellating his more dominant partner. He loves this excellent blow job action, grabbing his buddy by the back of the head and thrusting his penis right down his throat. Then, the cocksucker stands up and bends over the kitchen counter, sticking out his firm buttocks for a good fucking. His partner doesn't need any more encouragement, plugging that tight ass hole like a madman.

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