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City Heat Country Passion

Gay Bosses Fucking on Company Time

Duration: 14m, 42s, Starring Dane Benton, Trevor Winters

(2 Votes)

Dane and Trevor can't keep their hands off one another once their employees are out of the room. Dane puts his hands all over Trevor, getting his large erect meat-pole out of his pants so he can jack it off. He has to remember what it tastes like, sucking Trevor off. As he does, Trevor finally gets some of his clothes off knowing Dane will want more of him. Getting close, and not wanting things to end, Trevor stops Dane so he can get his lips around that massive prick in Dane's trousers! He's waited long enough today, so Trevor gets Danes ass wet with his tongue so he can just feed it to him! Their only worry is if they dirty the couch.

Businessmen In Hardcore Three Way Orgy

Duration: 24m, 7s, Starring Kyle Parker, Sean MacKenzie, Trae Spencer

(2 Votes)

Away in a different city on a business trip, these three horny business guys take the opportunity for some hot suck and fuck fun! Sitting on the bed with their ties loosened, the two older gentlemen sandwich the youngest man of the three in the middle. He looks nervous, visibly sweating as the two guys loom towards him; however, he doesn't push them away as they kiss him on the lips and rub his crotch through his slacks. The two older studs take turns screwing the younger man in the ass, opening him up good; although it hurts a little bit because he isn't used to taking such big cocks or such a wild fucking, he's also hungry for a promotion!

Gay Suck and Fuck in a Country Cabin

Duration: 20m, 44s, Starring Joey Carlo, Sean MacKenzie, Travis Dane

(1 Vote)

It's overcast, the perfect kind of day to just stay in and rail some ass! Travis and Joey have the right idea, licking their huge wangs, getting hard for long hard day. They just get naked when Sean walks in, trying to decide what to do with his day. It's decided for him, as they push is warm mouth down on their fat dicks. He hungrily eats the sausage while they make-out. It's too much though, and Sean makes his exit swift. Too eager to care, Travis and Joey get almost completely naked for some rimming and 69 on the bed in their cabin. Rough anal starts up, and they fuck in every position they can imagine!

Lonely Weekend Hot Gay Three-way

Duration: 22m, 21s, Starring

(1 Vote)

Bored and lonely at home, our man invites some friends over to his place to play. They quickly get to the bedroom, and start tearing their clothes off to start their wanton three-way. One sucking the other two hard while they make-out over him, but their tongues want dick, and they're going to have it. Sucking hard, and blowing fast they keep their cocks rigid hard with their warm mouths. When their mouths won't reach their hands keep busy. Finally they need more than mouth, and the hardcore anal starts. They fuck long and hard, getting their johnsons to bust huge loads all over their bottom. He takes it with a smile, and a kiss!

Six Way Gay Fucka-a-thon in the Country

Duration: 24m, 21s, Starring Dane Benton, Jason Janeway, Joey Carlo, Justin Codec, Lance Dakota, Trae Spencer

(1 Vote)

A beautiful day for a country stroll with some of the boys. The sun is shining as our trio out for a walk find a couple of men naked as the day they were born laying out on a blanket. Opportunity knocks, and no time is wasted making sure those cocks are good and hard. While hand-jobs and making out is nice, a stray from another farm comes along to even the numbers up and suck as much pole as he can get his hands on! Six way 69 swapping, rimming, and hardcore anal action is what these boys are all about. The only stallions they want to ride are each-other! Soon enough they're blasting cum all over their ripped abs!

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