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Rod Majors Eric Evans And Sam Abdul Love Cock

Duration: 9m, 18s, Starring Eric Evans, Rod Majors, Sam Abdul, Scott Hardman

(Not Rated)

This full length feature is all about what happens when men get frustrated with women. Who needs a bitch in their life - why would you want to waste your time sticking your cock in to some filthy cunt, when there are plenty of assholes and hot male mouths to stick your penis in to? A man fights with his wife and finds solace in the arms of his gay lover, having hot oral and anal sex in the bedroom in a manner far more sensitive how he performs with his wife. Later on you see a whole bunch of hot guys in the sex club, in a four man suck and fuck orgy. Although it's shadowy and difficult to see, the gay sex action is intense!

Eric York Scott Harman And Steve Marks Get Hard For Photos

Duration: 9m, 56s, Starring Eric York, Scott Hardman, Steve Marks

(Not Rated)

He said it was only going to be some tasteful underwear pics, but this dirtybisexual photographer has other ideas for his young and muscular subjects. His two models for the day, two hunky young studs dressed only in their underwear, eye each other uneasily as they stand next to each other. The photographer takes a few innocent snaps to start with, but then slowly encourages the young men to pose in more and more salacious ways. Soon the young studs are chest to chest, their bulging packages brushing against one another. It's not long before they begin to get excited by feeling the growing stiffness pressing against their thighs.

Sharon Kane Explores Her Sexual Options

Duration: 9m, 30s, Starring Sharon Kane, Eric Evans, Sam Abdul, Scott Hardman, Steve Marks

(1 Vote)

A happily married couple is torn apart when the husband comes home to find his wife involved in a bisexual threesome. He is shocked, appalled - he thought his wife was loyal, but instead he finds her watching two other men sucking each other off. He watches in amazement as the guys 69, greedily deepthroating each other's massive shafts. They hungrily work each other off in to each other's mouths, looking at each other with silly grins as semen spills from down their cheeks. After this, the married couple split up, and the two bisexual men lived happily ever after. That's what you get for being a dumb bitch, bitch!

Confused Husband Sucks His Gay Friend

Duration: 10m, 36s, Starring Sharon Kane, Hunter Scott, Sam Abdul, Scott Hardman

(4 Votes)

A man rejects a woman at the beginning of this bisexual sex scene. He is just about to get stuck in to her when he hears a knocking on the door, and realises that it's his gay buddies. He has to go play sports with them. Later on in the living room, he ends up kissing one of his gay buddies while his wife is in room next door. The guys press each other up against the counter and rub their penises against one another - and then he goes down on his gay friend! What's the world coming to when a straight man sucks another man's cock when there is pussy right there in the next room? Maybe he's bisexual - the only way to find out is hard anal!

Incredible Bisexual Sex Orgy At House

Duration: 9m, 53s, Starring Cumisha Amado, Hunter Scott, Sam Abdul, Steve Marks, Tanner Reeves

(1 Vote)

These horny cocksuckers just can't wait to get in to it! As the camera rolls, these two horny guys get into each other in the kitchen, going down on each other standing up. There's plenty of deepthroating and cockslurping action here for you! There are also some true bisexual scenes, as a woman sucks two guys in the pool and then rides another dick inside in a hardcore bisexual foursome. However, this is mainly about guy on guy action, and horny studs exploring their bisexual fantasies that they have suppressed for so long. Don't push it down any longer - let your bisexuality flourish now! This is the clip you need to see.

Horny Gay Studs Anal Fuck On The Floor

Duration: 10m, 12s, Starring Cumisha Amado, Ruben Omar, Scott Hardman

(1 Vote)

Two muscular studs fuck on the floor while filmed by a professional camera crew in this hot sex movie. One guy lies flat on his back, submissively raising his butt into the air and baring his hole for the dominant stud. His well hung companion slides his thick prick into that virgin gay anus, thrusting manfully and spreading his fuck buddy out like never before. The submissive male screams while his butt is torn open by the prodigious member of the guy who is fucking him. He gets held down and fucked on the living room floor and then rolled over so he can take it hard from the rear, not even getting a reach around while he gets ass nailed.

Horny Bisexual Cocksuckers Get A Load

Duration: 9m, 29s, Starring Sharon Kane, Eric York, Hunter Scott, Scott Hardman, Steve Marks

(2 Votes)

This scene opens on three muscular studs as they joke around one morning. They are laughing about some funny story in the paper, and one guy take centre stage, dominantly entertaining his two fellows. He jokes around with one of the guys about what a dirty cocksucker he is, and how good it would feel to have those sweet cocksucking lips wrapped around his thick cock. He can see the other man becoming aroused by this dirty talk, and he beckons for him to approach. The bisexual man gets down on his knees, nervously taking his friends erect penis in his mouth and beginning to suck. He is joined by his friend, for a hardcore cocksucking orgy.

Gay In Sauna Lands Hot Double Suck Job

Duration: 12m, 14s, Starring Hank Hightower, Hunter Scott, Marc Sabre, Scott Hardman, Steve Marks

(1 Vote)

This hardcore gay porn clip begins with three good-looking studs sitting around in the sauna. Although they are all wearing towels, not revealing their packages, they've got a fantastic bodies. You could cut the sexual tension in the room with a knife as they eye each other up, gradually moving closer and closer to one another until they begin massaging each others' bulges. One guy stands in the middle as his two friends kneel in front, sucking him off in a fantastic double blowjob for the dominant stud. He sprays his cum all over their faces. Later on in the scene, the men go to a gay bar, talk to some shemales and get some anonymous sex.

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