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Filthy Gay Sodomy On Construction Site

Duration: 27m, 47s, Starring Denis Pisa, Fabio Gherrero

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A devious construction worker lures a passerby into the construction site. He presents him with his penis, and the passerby is so taken by the charismatic workman that he gets down on his knees and sucks. Both gentlemen take turns fellating each other, showing excellent prowess at how they work both cocks. Then, that hairy workmen bends the young twink over and starts to fuck him in his tight butthole. He gives it to him hard and fast, making him squeal in excitement as his butthole gets plundered! The twink jerks himself off while the workman has his cock in his ass, and then the workman spunks right inside the dirty anus.

Horny Gay Contruction Workers Fucking

Duration: 19m, 26s, Starring Andrea Zero, Davide De Simone

(Not Rated)

The construction site has never seemed so sexy until now - Davide De Simone and Andrea Zero are working without any shirts on. Their asses are pushed into super tight jeans, so it's no wonder that these lean and sexy dudes would end up wanting to fuck the shit out of each other. After the work is done they just throw themselves at each other, rubbing their hands up and down each other's bodies and really just going nuts for their big dicks. I was amazed to see how wild they can get in action - so much big dick is pulled out that your eyes would pop out.

Gay Construction Worker Sodomized On Job

Duration: 19m, 51s, Starring Bartolomeo Zippo, Marsco Capri

(Not Rated)

These horny homosexuals can't wait to get it on on the construction site! With no regard for health and safety laws, they are just walking around topless when they spot each other other through the wall. They can't help but pull off each other's trousers and suck each other off. One guy bends over and his friend licks and fingers his tight rear end. It's time for some serious man on man action! There is some really hardcore sodomy in this scene, as the submissive bottom guy gets bent over and fucked in his tight rear end. He squeals like a young bitch while he gets pounded on his butt. He loves it, begging for more!

Hunky Construction Workers Go Gay

Duration: 21m, 30s, Starring Mao Rochi, Valerio Loren

(Not Rated)

Valerio Loren and Mao Rochi have always been good working together, but they never realized just how good they were going to be together. They pretty much get done with their work for the day, and after a bit of subtle teasing they go ahead and go for the fucking. I would fuck the pair of them all night long too, especially once they pull their cocks out of those tight pants. They are both well equipped, and strong on top of that. Now is the time to pound away at each other's asses before their boss saw them.

Lean Twinks Giving In to Temptation

Duration: 29m, 4s, Starring Marco Zonda, Ottavio Re

(Not Rated)

Ottavio Re and Marco Zonda are on the muscular side of twinks, but I have to say that there's still something boyish about them. They are eating lunch in rather seductive manner, although I'm not sure if the biscuits are the type of thing to really get kinky with. However, once they are done eating they start to eat each other up, working their tight chests and big dicks together. The construction job did give them incredibly nice asses that you get to enjoy throughout most of the scene - it's incredible to watch.

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