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Cross Dress Boys 1

Bill And Vlada Have Some Fun Together With Wigs And Oral

Duration: 19m, 55s, Starring Bili, Vlada

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Wanting to spice up their life in the bedroom, Vlada has convinced his boyfriend Bili to dress up like a sissy. If you ignore his stubble, Bili look surprisingly feminine in his wig and lingerie, although he obviously doesn't have the tits to fill out his bra. However, he's got a sweet cocksucking mouth on him, swallowing Vlada's pole to the base before he bends over for a deep, nasty ass fucking. Vlada is driven into a frenzy of dominating lust when he sees his boyfriend dressed like such a dirty queer, choking him around the neck and cramming him into an uncomfortable position on all fours as he reams him in his tender butthole.

Queer Guys Getting Kinky With A Little Cross Dressing

Duration: 19m, 54s, Starring Aco, Erik

(Not Rated)

Eirc got a call from Aco that hye had a surprise for him. Hoping for something cool like some magnets, or fun like a puzzle, he came over as fast as he could. He wasn't just going to come fast in travel though, because when he got there he saw exactly what the surprise was. Aco was dressed in drag, and looked mighty horny for some big white dick in his ass. Erik dropped his pants almost two steps through the front door and they got to work on each other's asses right there on the couch! What an incredible surprise!

Cross Dressing Oral Slut Begs His Boyfriend For Raw Anal Sex

Duration: 19m, 37s, Starring Aco, Alek

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Aco tries to convince his latest conquest Alek to try cross dressing, although all Alek does is put on a long blond wig. His body is skinny and boney without much in the way of curves, making him look somewhat farcical. Although Aco is disappointed with his new boyfriend's efforts, he's certainly not disappointed by his cocksucking! The hair tickles Aco's ballsack as Alek goes down on him, giving him one of the best blowjobs of his life - this fella can really use his mouth! He doesn't use his hands at all, simply using his lips to bring Aco to breaking point before he bends over, begging his boyfriend to give it to him raw in the ass.

Wigs Panties And Bras For These Queer Boys

Duration: 19m, 32s, Starring Andrija, Sasha

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Variety is the spice of life, and Sasha and Andrija know it. They both agreed they needed to get laid and wanted to fuck each other, but they'd done the same thing so many times before. Why not give something new a try. They both went shopping for some new interesting clothes and once they found themselves in the women's clothing area they knew just how to spice the whole day up! They got some nice tight panties and small bras to wear along with a could decent wigs, and made sure to really make the most of their day!

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