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Black Stud Spunks On Himself While Riding A Rock Hard Dick

Duration: 22m, 30s, Starring Country, Rock

(Not Rated)

Perverted white stud Rock sure knows how to pick them! He heads down to his local gay DVD store, cruising the aisles for an anonymous fuck. He spies short but muscular black stud Country, and the dudes select a movie to watch and head back to Rock's crib. Rock waits on the bed while Country cleans himself up in the bathroom, and then the diminutive black stud gets down on his knees and swallows Rock's prick. Rock sits in a chair as the eager ebony fucker lowers his sphincter down on the cock, jerking his own hard dick as he takes the full length of Rock's prick in his ass. The direct prostate rubbing causes the black stud to spunk!

Anonymous Cocksucking In Public Park Leads To Deep Anal

Duration: 15m, 55s, Starring Rock, Shorty

(4 Votes)

Shaven headed stud Rock is feeling horny one night, so he heads out to his local park, looking for some anonymous street sex. In the darkness of the park he hooks up with ebony stud Shorty at first Shorty is shy, so masculine Rock gets down on his knees and gives him a blow job behind a bush. The oral sex goes well, so both guys head back to Rock's house, where they give each other some more mutual cocksucking. Rock also gets down behind Shorty and tongues out his ass hole, and soon he has the black stud begging for a dick in his rectum. The shaven headed stud slides right in and tears that ebony butthole up good - it's some rough anal!

Thuggish Looking Black Man Really Loves To Take It In The Ass

Duration: 13m, 38s, Starring Diboy, Rock

(Not Rated)

Thuggish looking ebony stud Dilboy initially comes across as a hardcore gangster. He's got a rock hard, extremely well muscled body and a mohawk - definitely not the kind of guy that you want to run in to in a dark alley! However, he ends up being completely submissive to white stud Rock, who takes him home for a hot fuck. The guys blow each other extensively at the beginning of this video, and at first it almost looks like they are going to make each other cum with their mouths alone. But then hairy Rock lies on his back, his dick pointing to the ceiling Dilboy strokes his own black pole as he lowers his ass down on the meat.

Anal Slave Cums All Over Himself After Deep Ass Fucking Sex

Duration: 15m, 14s, Starring Duke, Eyce

(4 Votes)

Wouldn't you love to have a submissive anal slut at your beck and call? Eyce is feeling horny, so he calls up his boy Duke, who invites him over to his house for a hot suck and fuck session. As soon as Eyce gets in the door, Duke falls to his knees, unbuckling Eyce's pants as he leans against the door. Duke quickly works Eyce's prick to a massive hard on, pulling his man by the dick over to the bed. The cocksucker bends over the edge of the mattress, peeling his ass cheeks apart and facing the ground submissively as Eyce enters his rear end. Eyce fucks fast and hard with minimal lube, making his anal slave cum on himself in the process.

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