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Cum Panions

Jack And Cory Passionately Fuck In Their Bed

Duration: 18m, 23s, Starring Cory Heiss, Jack Porter

(Not Rated)

Blond twink Cory picks up brunette hunk Jack at the club and they spend a hot night of pleasure together. Cory stirs up early the next morning, casting adoring glances at his new lover as he chills. He ducks down below the covers, taking Jack's prick in his mouth and starting to suck it, stirring his man with a delicious blow job. The guys taste each others' cocks on each others' breath and then they get straight down to the anal action, with Cory lying back and jerking himself while Jack rams himself roughly into the other man's butt. It's a fast and hard anal fuck, because Jack has to get off to work early - so he has to cum quick!

Twink Won't Take Anal On The First Date

Duration: 21m, 52s, Starring Kirk Cameron, Tripp Winters

(Not Rated)

Young blond twink Tripp has just come out of the closet, and now he is getting all the dick he can - although he's still shy, young and nervous underneath the tough exterior! Straight acting older stud Kirk is instantly erect as he gets naked with the nubile twink in the bedroom, waving his cock in Tripp's face. The two men suckle each other on the bed, rolling around in a hot 69. Kirk tries to stick his fingers into Tripp's ass, getting him warmed up for an ass fucking, but surprisingly Tripp won't take it - he's too inhibited to take Kirk's big dick in his rear end on the first date! The men must satisfy themselves with oral.

Impromptu Strip Tease Turns To Butt Fuck

Duration: 16m, 37s, Starring Cory Heiss, Wes Roberts

(1 Vote)

College roommates Cory and Wes are mucking around in their dorm room when Wes picks up the video camera and films blond twink Cory during an impromptu strip tease. Wes can't ignore the stirring in his own pants as he watches his blond room mate strip off and show his slender and toned body - and Wes is positively blazingly erect as Cory pulls off his pants and shows his long, pale dick! Putting the camera down on the bed side to record all the hot action, the guys get down to some serious cocksucking; then Cory sticks his ass up in the air while he buries his face in the mattress, allowing Wes to enter him in his tight rear end.

Study Session Soon Turns To Deep Anal

Duration: 29m, 32s, Starring Bret Nielson, Tim Reynolds

(1 Vote)

Young college studs Tim and Bret are supposed to be studying, but they barely spend five minutes on the books - they disappear in to the upstairs bedroom and start sucking each others' dicks! Both of these hot body college studs look like real bad boys with their sexy tattoos, and they are both packing downstairs where it really counts! The oral goes both ways, with the guys giving each other luxurious bareback blow jobs before they get started with the anal. Bret lies back, vulnerably exposing his tender butthole to Tim, who eases a slippery finger in to get the sphincter loose and then follows that up with his hard, thick cock.

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