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CUMplete & Uncut

Two Gay Guys with Foreskin Masturbating

Duration: 11m, 6s, Starring Austin Black, Trenton Comeaux

(Not Rated)

If you love uncut cocks, you are going to enjoy this gay porn scene. All it really is is a two part video with Austin Black masturbating in the first part, and Trenton Comeaux masturbating in the second. You don't even see their faces throughout most of this - instead there's just a camera latched on t that dick, letting you see the sloppy cum shots as they finish with their masturbation sessions. Then when they're finished, you can see that dick slowly work its way back inside his foreskin, looking rather hot.

Muscular Gays Have Hot Romantic Anal

Duration: 37m, 59s, Starring Austin Black, Derek Thomas, Trenton Comeaux

(2 Votes)

Never let it be said that gay dudes can't be romantic! In this passionate love-making scene, two extremely good-looking and muscular Caucasian studs get it on for some hot oral, ass licking and then gay anal sex. They spend a lot of time on foreplay - it's not just about getting off! It's clear that these two guys genuinely care about each other and you could even say that they are in love. They spend a lot of time on ass licking, and it is obviously a private fetish of these two butt bandits. It is only once the ass hole is well lubricated and loosened up with spit and fingering that they begin to penetrate each others' butts.

Five Guys Fucking At A Wild Party

Duration: 31m, 14s, Starring Austin Black, Dragon, Rod Dixon, Trenton Comeaux, Zeke Wilson

(2 Votes)

Austin Black was at a big party with a lot of hot guys at Zeke Wilson's house. He wandered around looking for some fun when he came into a room and saw Rod Dixon sucking a guy's cock through a gloryhole. Seeing that turned him on so much he grabbed the closest guy, Dragon, and started blowing him. Trenton Comeaux came in and joined in. When Zeke caught up to him he jumped in as well. Soon the room was filled with naked guys sucking and fucking. Austin had a cock in his mouth and one in his ass. He didn't know these guy's names and he didn't care. This was some real fun!

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