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Cut vs. Uncut

Young Porno Gays Love To Lick Assholes

Duration: 19m, 32s, Starring Johnny Rey, Max Grand

(Not Rated)

This clip begins with a couple of guys in the office watching porn on the television. We seem to go inside the television, getting up close and personal with the two young guys in the porn scene as they get really filthy! At the beginning of this scene they are both wearing white underpants, which firmly outline their hard packages. Soon they are both completely naked as they suck each others' pricks. Cocksucking isn't enough for these two horny young guys, and only analingus will do! They furiously tongue each other's butts, getting them nice and slippery, and then the blond guy bends his brunette buddy over and fucks him up the ass.

Young Dudes Have Romantic Anal On Sofa

Duration: 17m, 30s, Starring Scott Hardman, Tom West

(Not Rated)

Although these college guys might be young, they've got fantastic bodies. As you might know, as you age your body will gradually go to seed, but these guys are both muscular and toned with barely an ounce of fat or saggy skin on them. They've also got great cocks - very horny! The action is electric as they wrestle with each other on the couch, taking off their clothes as their lips lock and their tongues flash. The anal is romantic but also intense, as one guy lies submissively on his back with his legs up in the air while his buddy deep strokes his butt with the full length of his pendulous cock. This anal action as insane!

Businessmen Have Hot Anal Sex In Office

Duration: 13m, 52s, Starring Alex Carrington, Eric DiGiorgio

(Not Rated)

At the beginning of this hot anal scene, two slightly older businessmen are working hard in the office. For a bit of light relief, they look at some gay hardcore movies on a porn site. You've got to love internet porn! Of course, this kicks off a rough suck and fuck session as their work is abandoned for the day in favour of some baser entertainment. Peeling off their business suits, they take turns sucking each others' stiff cocks and then one guy bends over, peeling his own ass cheeks apart as he presses his face into the carpet. His dominant buddy spits on his ass and then slides his cock right inside that tender hole!

Tough Business Guys Adore Rough Anal Sex

Duration: 16m, 3s, Starring Max Grand, Scott Davis

(Not Rated)

These businessmen might look clean cut, but that hides their filthy secret; they are really degenerate homosexuals who love nothing more than licking each others' assholes! The two studs, one brunette and one blond, kick things off by cuddling on the couch. They might be tigers in the board room, but get them alone with their cocks out and they turn out to be extremely sensitive and romantic. They kiss and then fellate each other, getting each others' dicks rock hard. Then the brunette presses himself against the wall while the blond kneels behind him, tonguing his ass hole. Once the button is loose and lubricated, he fucks it hard!

BehindThe Scenes Footage Of Cut vs Uncut

Duration: 17m, 1s, Starring Eric DiGiorgio, Max Grand, Scott Davis, Scott Hardman, Tom West

(Not Rated)

You are not going to find a lot of sex in this video, in fact you won't find any. This is the behind the scenes footage for the flim Cut vs. Uncut. So often people want to get to know the actors that appear in their favorite films and this video gives you the opportunity to get to know the real actors on a personal level. You see them laugh, joke together and make mistakes as they make the film for your enjoyment. A perfect opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes when a porn movie is made with appearances by Max Grand, Scott Hardman, Tom West, Eric DiGiorgio and Scott Davis

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