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Wildly Sexy Gay Threesome In Shady Hotel

Duration: 22m, 19s, Starring Michael Pavel, Paul Lazil, Stephan Cerznic

(Not Rated)

Back-packing trips are always fun, and there's so much culture to see out there. But there's one other good reason to go on those trips, and that's anonymous sex with strangers, as well as getting the chance to fuck your friends that came with you. Paul Lazil, Stephan Cerznic and Michael Pavel are all going out there together. When they finally get back to the hotel they start unpacking which gives each of them a chance to see what the other brought. When the changing starts, they can't keep their hands to themselves.

Horny Czech Amateurs in MMM Threesome

Duration: 17m, 44s, Starring Jeri Pauel, Khris Haul, Thomas Steahle

(1 Vote)

Khris Haul, Thomas Steahle and Jeri Pauel are in the mood to start up some sexy trouble, so they start stripping off each other's clothes and working their mouths around the hot Euro cocks. These guys have been wanting to let loose like this for a long time. Now that they finally get their chance, they aren't going to be holding anything back. Instead they just choke down that dick and lube up their asses to get ready for a pounding that is going to be heard all the way down the block, especially when they cum.

Gay Eastern Block Men Screaming for More

Duration: 18m, 18s, Starring Paul Lazil, Radium Ricoh

(Not Rated)

Paul Lazil has owned and operated the Czech in for weary travelers for a long long time. His Father owned it before him and they've always been very accepting of foreigners and lost souls. When Radium Ricoh arrives and explains his situation and that he has not money because all of his valuables have been pickpocketed Paul is happy to work out other arrangements for him to stay at his Inn. Payment up-front, in cock and balls for a night's stay. If he wants to stay longer, they can work out further payments later!

Two Hot Boys With Killer Hot Bodies Suck Dicks

Duration: 16m, 24s, Starring Geof Luigo, Marq Rudek

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Marq Rudek and Geof Luigo meet each other at a hotel known for male pleasure. Geof sucks Marq's cock and then they switch it up. Each one of these guys covers the other in sexy cum for the finish!

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