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Desires of A Gymnast Part 2: Gymnastic Lovers

Mutual Blowjobs In The Sauna Lead To Hard Anal Cock Riding

Duration: 23m, 59s, Starring Eddy Ryan, Janos Volt

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After a sweaty workout at the gymnasium, handsome young gymnast Eddy retires to the steam room to relax. He's just closing his eyes and dozing off when equally good looking for alpha male Janos Volt enters the sauna, giving him the classic cruising glance, casting his gaze up and down the young buck's body and focusing on his crotch. Janos pulls the towel away from Eddy's groin, exposing his thick cock and going down on him immediately! The two handsome studs take turns blowing each other both guys have got impressive, rock hard dicks. Then Janos lowers his sphincter down on Eddy's thick cock, slowly inserting the whole thing.

Mick Huston And His Two Friends Fuck In Pool

Duration: 25m, 12s, Starring Leslie Manzel, Mick Huston, Roberto Giorgio

(Not Rated)

One of the best ways to get fit and stay fit is to swim. Swimming works almost all the muscles in the body, which is great for any gymnast. These four toned guys are working everything out in the pool today, including their groin muscles that normally get overlooked. Roberto Giorgio, Mick Houston and Leslie Manzel are all getting into their fitness routine without swim trunks. There's so much gay fucking in the pool you'd expect these men to be part of the polo team, no the gymnasts, but they suck cock just as well.

Three Sexy Men Suck And Fuck One Another

Duration: 26m, 1s, Starring Carlos Taylor, John Flogue, Mihaly

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Competition is a stressful thing. It's hard to get in the right shape, and learn all the skills you need to beat out your competitors. It takes dedication and a good team to get you through the training and up to par to really compete at any level. Male gymnastics are no different, in fact they might be one of the best examples of it. Mihaly, Carlos Taylor and John Flogue have found a way to beat the stress of any situation together, and after every practice they do that. Getting hot and bothered together.

Roberto And Michael Limber Up For Acrobatic Fucking

Duration: 17m, 22s, Starring Michael Constanzo, Roberto Giorgio

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Today, at practice, Roberto Giorgio suggested that he and his partner Michael Constanzo work on the parallel bars. It was a weird request since neither of them competed on the parallel bars, but Michael had to assume there was a good reason that his work out partner wanted to be there. When he suddenly grabbed his junk, he understood what parallel bars he really meant. They'd agreed that they would never fuck in the gym, but it had been a long time since they'd been able to blow off some steam and sock some cock.

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